‘Made in Baguio City’ labeling harms Lagonoy’s rising broom industry

Gerard “JJ” Pilapil, Lagonoy Tourism Council Chief

By Joey Natividad

LAGONOY, Camarines Sur, 6April2017 (BicolToday.com) – Mislabeling by traders of broom products made in this town as “Made in Baguio City” has caught the concern of the tourism official here as he urged the town council to pass an ordinance mandating local makers and traders to label the brooms as “Made in Lagonoy, Camarines Sur”.

Gerard “JJ” Pilapil, Lagonoy tourism council chief, lamented Lagonoy brooms are being labeled as coming from Baguio City, and thus commanding a higher price in Metro-Manila.

He said the deceiving practice by traders is harming the “business-tourism” side of the local tourism industry.

Lagonoy has a profitable rural broom-making industry in which several thousand people depend on this for livelihood. Most of the “Baguio City” brooms being peddled in Matro-Manila came from this town.

“A P60-Lagonoy broom is being sold for P180 as “Baguio broom” in Metro-Manila,” said Pilapil, as he announced the town’s preparation for the May 1 “Samhod” festival marking the town’s fiesta and founding anniversary.

The “Samhod” (broom) festival week, starting April 25-May 1, will showcase Lagonoy’s achievements and highlight its tourism spots.

A giant broom (samhod) will décor the city park, a showcase that is becoming a traditional symbol since the festival was started several years ago.

The Lagonoy broom is made of tiger grass and rural folks plant and propagate these tiger grass. Thousands are involved in making these into brooms. Traders from Metro-Manila buy these brooms and sell them to various outlets.

Pilapil said the town is encouraging local tourism to prosper and places high hope for the broom-making industry as one focal point in business-tourism.

He said visiting tourist spending is one aspect in priming up the town economy to produce more goods and services.

He said he has been urging town councilors to pass an ordinance mandating local makers and traders to tag the “Made in Lagonoy” label as he wants the town to be put in the road map in tourism as center of broom-making. [BicolToday.com]


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