QC health dept recommends closure of lying-in clinics

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By BicolToday.com Staff

QUEZON CITY, 29March2017 (BicolToday.com) – At least 72 private lying-in clinics in Quezon City will be closed for failure to comply with national and local health standards.

Most of the clinics are operating in the city’s second district, which constitutes majority of the city’s urban poor.

However, six of the clinics recommended for closure, have already agreed to voluntary closed down, said the City Health Officer, Dr. Verdades Linga.

Mayor Herbert Bautista has given the owners of the lying-in clinics until the end of the 3rd quarter to comply with the rules.

According to Mayor Bautista these clinics will surely be closed if failed to meet the deadline.

A technical working group composed of representatives from various national and local agencies and lying-in clinics has been ordered to formulate guidelines that will provide the best health care to QC residents.

According to a City Health Department report, there are about 121 private lying-in clinics operating in QC.

Of the total, only 39 are operating with sanitary permits. Of which, 23 have been recognized with a seal of excellence.

Based on the city’s health indicators for maternal health from 2010 to 2015, Quezon City registered a 90 percent accomplishment rating in terms of facility-based deliveries and another 90 percent in terms of deliveries by skilled birth attendants. [BicolToday.com]


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