NPA CamNorte welcomes 48th anniv with successful tactical offensive vs Duterte’s all-out-war

“Lightning Rally” held in Quezon City in observance of NPA’s 48th anniversary. Contributed Photo

By Staff

LEGAZPI CITY, 29March2017 ( – In welcoming the 48th anniversary of the New People’s Army (NPA) today, the Armando Catapia Command-NPA-Camarines Norte mobilizes its red fighters for the people’s war against all-out-war of Duterte administration.

The Armando Catapia Command vigorously mobilizes for the people’s war by advancing the agrarian revolution, promoting antifeudal mass struggles, broadening and strengthening the mass base and fostering the comprehensive development of the armed struggle according to Carlito Cada, spokesperson of the command.

“The tactical offensives of the Armando Catapia Command serve to counter and foil the continuing fascist attacks of the 9th ID in Camarines Norte, which escalated upon the declaration of the unjust all-out-war under the bogus “Oplan Kapayapaan” (Operation Peace) of the Duterte regime,” said Cada.

Last March 20, around 10:00pm, a team from the Armando Catapia Command harassed elements from the 9th ID, PA aboard a truck along the highway in Barangay Bagong Silang Dos, Labo, Camarines Norte. One element fron the 9th ID was killed, while four of his companions were injured.

Prior to this, last March 18, aroung 12:00nn, a team from the Armando Catapia Command harassed a platoon from the 9th ID based in Sitio Hanlab, Barangay Magsaysay,Capalonga, Camarines Norte.

“As the 9th ID continues its terrorist operations to sow fear among the people, it has become the manner of their operations to target civilians ang spread false news of encounters between them and the NPA, to make it appear that they have captured and killed NPA fighters,” Cada said.

Last February 26, elements from the 9th ID, under 2nd Lieutenant Mario D. Hermo, accused a mentally-disturbed farmer of being a member of the NPA. Noel Alsom, a farmer from Barangay Villa Aurora, Capalonga, was illegally arrested and detained.

Last March 15, elements fron the 9th ID, under a Sgt. Hernandez, accused and killed a farmer by the name of Obina (surname) in Barangay Mactang, Capalonga. He was shot seven times and dressed up to look like an NPA fighter. The 9th ID then concocted the fake news of an encounter.

Last March 24, elements from the 9th ID, pretending to be members of the NPA, summoned residents from Bagong Silang Dos, Labo to interrogate them regarding support for the NPA.

According to Cada, it is imperative for all revolutionary forces and the people of Camarines Norte to counter and foil the attacks of the 9th ID, while firmly supporting the peace talks and pending unilateral ceasefire to be declared by the CPP-NPA command. []


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