Progressive leaders welcome moro, lumad lakbayanis in Bicol

Lumads warmely welcomed by Sorsoganons. Contributed Photo
Lumads warmely welcomed by Sorsoganons. Contributed Photo

By News team

MATNOG, SORSOGON 10October2016 ( – With red flags and streamers, Bicol regional leaders with Bayan-Sorsogon welcomed 2,000 Moro ad Lumad Lakbayanis from Mindanao here at Matnog Port, Sorsogon.

The Moro and Lumad Lakbayanis will delegate the “Lakbayan ng Pambansang Minorya para sa Sariling Pagpapasya at Makatarungang Kapayapaan”. Bayan-Sorsogon hosted a picket caravan in their City to demand the rights of the national minority in the country.

Mindanao regions such as CARAGA, Northern Mindanao, Davao, SOCCKSARGEND, and Zamboanga Peninsula will be accompanied as they reach Manila by the different indigenous groups from around the country, like those from Cordillera, Central Luzon and Bicol Regions.

Mindanao regions and Bicol region raised fists and exchanged chants to greet each other in support of the minorities known for wearing traditional clothes, others in uniform shirts and tubaw.

United in one struggle, they stand with the people’s resistance against land conversion, and the exploration and grabbing of their ancestral domains by the large-scale mining firms which disregard their right to self-determination. Areas targeted for such were highly militarized not just for scaring away the Lumad people but also to suppress the intensifying strength of the mass movement.

Reports confirmed that the Moro tribes, just like the Lumad leaders, have been branded and tagged as rebels subjecting them to rampant human rights violations, baseless trumped-up charges and even disappearances and killings of their mass leaders.

“This has not, however, quenched the fire of the people but instead ignites their will to stand and fight for their rights and justice,” according to its Manilakbayan statement. []

2, 000 moro and lumad lakbayanis. Contributed Photo



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