Sorsogon’s latest count of ‘drug surrenderees’ hit 1,779; where are the ‘top guns’?

Photo courtesy of PCR Sorsogon Cps
Photo courtesy of PCR Sorsogon Cps

By News Team

SORSOGON CITY –  Provincial police here reported the number of drug personalities who voluntarily surrendered has reached to 1,779, the latest count since the start of the anti-illegal drug campaign, Project Double Barrel until today, Saturday July 23.

But, some quarters say the “surrenderees” are the street-level kind, but the “top guns” are not included.

According to PSSupt Ronaldo R. Cabral, Acting Provincial Director, the additional numbers came from various police stations in the province.

Cabral said the Sorsogon police is following the directive of President Rodrigo R. Duterte to “eradicate illegal drugs problem in the country thru PNP’s Anti – Illegal Drugs Campaign Plan PROJECT DOUBLE BARREL”.

According to him, the drug personalities who voluntarily surrendered are now closely monitored by the respective police stations in coordination with LGUs for some interventions.

“The constant number of surrendered personalities who were involved in illegal drugs activities in the province enlighten the community to support the PNP’s endeavor to have a drug-free society,” he said.

Meanwhile, some sectors have observed that the province’s anti-drug campaign has exerted pressure on the street-level drug users, but Sorsogon police has not reported of any success in bagging the “bigwigs, top-guns, big fish drug personalities.”

Many suspect that there may be some “big fishes” involved in Sorsogon’s illegal drug trade.

Many Sorsogonons believe that the province cannot have ”thousands of drug-users” without drug-suppliers. Still, others entertain the thought that there may be some “police protectors” involved in the illegal drug trade.  (Read news link of December 2014:  )

(Read news link of March 2014:  )

Strategically, Sorsogon at the southern tip of Luzon is at the cross road in the illegal drug trade bound for Samar-Visayas route and Masbate island- province.

Sources in the law enforcement agencies said most of the bulk of shabu come from Metro-Manila, and using land transport in the delivery of shabu to the Visayas, or vice-versa to Metro-Manila, Sorsogon becomes the vital road link in the illegal drug trade.

According to latest media reports, even the convicted drug lords inside the Bilibid prison are still involved in the drug trade, enjoying “top-level protection.” []


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