Filipina netizen in London seeks long-lost father somewhere in Bicol region, Naga City

Daniela Manalo
Daniela Manalo

By Joey Natividad

CITY OF NAGA, Bicol Region, 23May2016 ( – Netizen Daniela Manalo is desperate of locating her father whom she has not seen for 33 years since she was a small child.

Claiming to be working now in London, United Kingdom, as health care assistant under the name of Daniella Burke mentioned in her Facebook account, carrying her husband’s family name, Daniela said she is native of Isabel, Leyte.

According to her brief letter to online news whom she believes can help locate her father she had not seen for a long time.

She remembers her father’s name is Danilo Manalo and has a brother called Pal Manalo.

She had learned from his father’s former officemate that Danilo Manalo is from Naga City, or somewhere in the Bicol Region.

She told that she is hoping she can establish contact with her father.

But, she did not mention the circumstances on how they got separated when she was a small child – a deeply personal story that only she and her father would understand.

Here is the text of her FB message:

Hello po bicoltoday bago po ang lahat nais k po pasalamatan kau dahil sa mga post nyo.ako po pala si Daniela Manalo taga Isabel Leyte po ako nais ko po sana humingi ng kunting tulong kng sakali matulongan nyo po ako tungkol po sana sa pagkatao k my hinahanap po ako matagal na almost 33 years na hinahanap k po ang aking ama na mula pagkabata ay hnd k nakita my naka pag sabi po sakin na taga Bicol naga city region po ang aking ama ang nag sabi po sakin ay dating kasamahan nya sa trabaho nag bakasakali po ako na Baka po sa paraan nyo mahanap k ang aking ama ang pangalan po nya ay si Danilo Manalo at my kapatid po sya ang tawag ay pal Manalo sana po matulongan nyo po ako.maraming salamat po kng my magbigay po sainyo hanapin po ako sa pangalan Daniela Manalo at mag message po sila dun sakin.


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