Sorsogon Governor bet ‘BOBET LEE’ RODRIGUEZA: Governing effectively amid rising challenges

Governor bet Robert "Bobet Lee' Rodrigueza. Contributed Photo
Governor bet Robert “Bobet Lee’ Rodrigueza. Contributed Photo

SORSOGON PROVINCE – The son of Sorsogon governor and Sorsogon City mayor aims to duplicate the good deeds of his parents, Raul and Sally Lee and to continue the family tradition of progressive public governance and personal sacrifice.

In a video presentation in his Facebook account, Robert Lee Rodrigueza projects his readiness to lead Sorsogon by empowering government workers, its co-partners in development, and its people by launching and continuing programs adaptive to the felt need of the populace.

Popularly known as “Bobet Lee”, his public service record includes stint as Sorsogon City vice-mayor.

That stint elected him as the Vice-Mayors League president for Bicol, subsequently elected as Vice-President for Luzon of the league.

His appointment as provincial administrator made him more visible in the coastal communities of the province, launching again the mobile medical and dental floating clinic which has treated and assisted the medical and dental needs of coastal dwellers.

In his video, Bobet Lee talks about the danger of illegal drugs, the value of the youth, his thinking of risk reduction and mitigation, partnership with local communities – all aimed to develop Sorsogon.

He said that participative governance is his key to know the development needs of Sorsogon, consultation, dialog, co-partnership, continuing education program, protection of marine resources, enhancement of farmer’s productivity and collective responsibility to promote community base tourism.

In an interview, Bobet Lee said that what he aspires most is to empower the families for they are the strength of the communities, that no one is left out of the opportunities given by the government.

Elaborating, he said, that he hopes for every family of this province should have at least a member who is a college degree holder and equitably employed.

It will become an inspiration to the other members to continue studying. The best way to finish education is to continue studying, quoting an unknown educator.

The barangay has a primary role to achieve positive growth, it becomes inclusive when our barangays are well-educated, peace -loving, active participants to gain development be it in health services, food sustainability, education, environmental protection. Best of all we should be God fearing.

Public officials must recognize this, they are the movers of the countryside, its progress cascades towards the town centers resonating province wide.

As he said, many times before, “Padabaon Ta an Sorsogon” the battle-cry to awaken our sense of value as Sorsoganons. This is .a call for support in his bid to be the province governor

The man has made his marked and has arrived to share his ideas in the progressive market of provincial development. He calls everyone to share, be responsible, contributes to better our lives in God’s graces.


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