‘Sabah is ours!’ – declares senatorial bet Princess Jacel Kiram

Princess Jacel H. Kiram-Hasan,  Sultanate of Sulu. Photo from Facebook
Princess Jacel H. Kiram-Hasan, Sultanate of Sulu. Photo from Facebook

By Felix ‘Boy’ Espineda, Jr.

SORSOGON CITY, 28April2016 (BicolToday.com) – The visit here of UNA national candidates yesterday, if gauged by the number of attendees, will seal their seats in the Senate and in Malacanang. The turn-out was a show of UNA pulling power in the province as the soon- to- retire governor Raul Lee shared stage with the candidates.

Notable is Princess Jacel Kiram whose mother hails from Trece Martires, Casiguran, the only Muslim senatorial candidate in the slate. The good looking princess stood out, for she took the unresolved issue of our sovereign claim to Sabah, she being a descendant of the Sultan of Sulu who claimed ownership of Sabah, now under the Malaysian government.

She said, “Sabah is ours and as a Filipino, I claim it not only for my family but for our people”.

Ironically, this claim was never supported by fellow UNA candidates, for one after the other, they keep the issue of Sabah farthest from their agenda, it includes vice-president Jejomar Binay.

On her own, “the woman warrior” of Sulu made her mark yesterday, she has the balls while her male counterpart sissy- sassy.

“There was a time that my family was offered 250 million to drop the claim, my family refused the offer,” she told the overflowing crowd at the gymnasium. “The Sultanate of Sulu has the rightful claim, reason for us not to abandon the return to its rightful owner of the mineral and marine rich island.”

The pitching of the Sabah issue in the campaign trail will earn the ire of the Malaysian government since the past administration was silent on the issue. [BicolToday.com]


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