‘Solido’ Partido district loyalty backs Fuentebella for governor in Camarines Sur

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Contributed Photo

TIGAON, Camarines Sur – Townsfolk here have shown their overwhelming support for their mayor, Arnie Fuentebella, who is running for governor in Camarines Sur.

This came up during the proclamation rally for UNA candidates held in this town.

With Fuentebella is Peachy Alfelor of Rinconada district, who is running for vice-governor.

The manifestation of popular support for the Fuentebella-Alfelor tandem in the gubernatorial fight is the symbol of district loyalty in Partido 4th district for the Fuentebellas, while the Rinconada 5th district has shown its approval of support for the Alfelor family who have long served the district.

According to Fuentebella supporters, the people of Camarines Sur have now realized the father-and-son rule by LRay and Migz Villafuerte have failed to deliver any meaningful changes toward growth and progress.

The Villafuertes failed to build a provincial hospital and ignored the importance of setting up departments for the provincial agriculturist, provincial veterinarian, and provincial health officer.

These provincial offices should have been organized for their important roles in province-wide health-care services and agricultural growth.

Villafuerte father-son “power sharing” inside capitol

The “power sharing” of father-and-son Villafuertes in provincial capitol affairs is public knowledge.

Migz, as governor, has become a figure-head who cannot preside over department head meetings out of lack of expertise and deficiency in management capability.

During department meetings, his father LRay who is a former governor, presides over the meetings while the real governor listens.

Insiders in the capitol have known all the time that it is LRay who is running the affairs of provincial governance with governor Migz reduced to a figure head.

Migz’ role is to sign and approve papers as dictated by his father.

Reforms and new Camarines Sur governance

Townsfolks believe the Fuentebella-Alfelor tandem will unseat the Villafuertes in the capitol, and rid the provincial government of “kamag-anak management.”

The Fuentebella-Alfelor team wants to initiate reforms and changes in provincial governance to make the provincial government effective and efficient in the delivery of services and meaningful development intervention.

According to supporters, on areas of development concern where the Villafuertes had failed, the Fuentebella – Alfelor partnership will fill up the development gaps.


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