Unified Bicol youth demand independent probe on Kidapawan massacre

Photo grab from video
Photo grab from Kilab Multimedia video

By BicolToday.com News Team

LEGAZPI CITY, Albay – Militant youth in the Bicol Region declared a unified stand condemning the Aquino government and the state security forces for the Kidapawan bloodbath.

They want an independent investigation on the Kidapawan massacre.

The Bicol militant youth also named President Aquino, North Cotabato Governor Mendoza and the police organization as “responsible and accountable” for the incidents leading to the Kidapawan massacre.

The youth and students belonged to the Bicol chapters of KABATAAN Partylist, College Editors Guild of the Philippines, National Union of Students of the Philippines, Jovenes Anakbayan and Gabriela-Youth.

They hit the government for awarding the “killer-cops” medals the day after for the “job well-done” after hitting hard on the protesting farmers by bullets, killing 3 protesters and wounding 116 others.

“That the government’s first move after the tragic incident was to reward the police for its brutality and to continue to harass farmers in Kidapawan exposes the regime’s misaligned and lopsided priorities, heartlessness, and detachment from the peoples’ struggles. Instead of releasing the rice and subsidy which the farmers have a right to and desperately need, it continues to deploy armed forces outside United Methodist Church and threaten progressives, and even citizens and media practitioners who express the concern and sympathy which they lack,” said the unified youth group, in a joint declaration.

The Bicol youth groups also condemned Aquino’s whitewash and damage-control over the Kidapawan bloodbath by placing the blame on the Left and the victims.

“Also enraging is its attempt to whitewash the issue and discredit the farmers’ legitimate claims. It even peddles lies among the citizens by saying that it was the farmers who shot first and has again pinned the blame on the Left over their gross incompetence and brutality. Tactics as these are as old as Hacienda Luisita Massacre and are nothing but mere ploy to escape accountability amidst the country’s burgeoning clamor for justice,” assert the group.

The youth groups cited the North Cotabato Governor and state officials for trying to save face and embarrassment, rather solving the situation.

Photo courtesy of Kilab Multimedia
Photo courtesy of Kilab Multimedia

“It is also revolting that instead of taking concrete htactions to remedy the situation and address the real issue, the state has given more importance in saving its own face. Much has been said by Gov. Lala Mendoza, but none of these actually address the farmers’ plight. In contrast, landlord BS Aquino’s silence over the issue, albeit expected, piles up to his long record of betrayal to the public and does nothing, but add insult to the tragic injury,” they said.

They continued: “The longer it imposes brutality and inaction over the farmers’ legitimate claims, the more does it prove that it is a government that is anti-people. The more does it fuel the public’s growing discontent over a government that abandons its citizens in times of crisis. More so, the more does it fuel the heightening clamor for social change.”

The Bicol groups demanded an independent probe.

“As we stand in solidarity with our farmers’ struggles, we deem an independent probe to be necessary. All possible avenues must also be exhausted in holding culpable perpetrators of the crime,” they insisted.

“There is no maximum tolerance in demanding for accountability and meting out the justice that is due to the victims of the bloodbath and of state abandonment. We are enraged, and we will settle for nothing less than what is due,” they declared. [BicolToday.com]


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