Simultaneous indignation rally held in Bicol for victims of Kidapawan Massacre

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By Reynard Magtoto

LEGAZPI CITY , 4April2016 ( — Through simultaneous protest of six provinces of Bicol, militant groups condemned the current administration in its exploitation of Elections and its failure to fulfill its social responsibility – especially in providing the basic needs of the people in times of disaster.

Albayanos marched from Daraga Park, Albay to Camp Simeon Ola to hold its main program. In Masbate, 141 masbatenos joined the protest as they marched around the city. Same mode of protests was conducted in the rest of the provinces.

Since last quarter of 2015, the situation of farmers and people in Mindanao particularly in North Cotabato due to drought intensified. It was January 2016 when declared the province of North Cotabato in State of Calamity under the leadership of Lala Talino – Mendoza.

In front of people’s long-term insufficiency and learned to stand, forgetting the State forgets its pretensions and willingly exposed its true color – the Mendiola Massacre in Lupao, in Hacienda Luisita, and again, now in Kidapawan City.

Kidapawan massacre caused death to three farmers while two women still unidentified, 167 wounded, 87 missing suspects arrested, six more children missing, and 4,500 were harassed and pressed by PNP and AFP. It is a tragedy, 38 days before the National Election.

The administration, Governor Emmylou “Lala” Talino-Mendoza of North Cotabato, member of Liberal Party, and Col. Alex Tagum, chief of North Cotabato PNP are responsible for the tragedy, brutality and massacres of peasants according to militant groups.

“It is unacceptable in a democratic country that the right to peaceful assembly of citizens, talks to the Government of grievances, and uphold the right to adequate services and support livelihoods after the calamity will be answered by the state through bloody fascism repression and violence, “said Dan Balucio BAYAN – Bicol.

“Consequently, greatest condemnation in the latest violence of the State is not enough,” added Pastor Dan San Andres of Karapatan – Bicol. “We must provide high appreciation for the sacrifices especially to the lives lost defending the rights of the masses”.

ACT Bicol Union president Nicanor Sambitan said it is clear that US-BS Aquino regime is a fascist and butcher. “We can’t forget the Mendiola Massacre that happened under former president Corazon Aquino and the Hacienda Luisita Massacre of the Cojuangco-Aquino”.

“In the remaining months of the notorious regime in power, fascism violence still continues, oppression of the Filipino people and incessant violations of democratic rights,” said Balucio.

“From the ranks of patriotic teachers, mostly from the family of farmers, we continue to recognize the rights of farmers as creators of food of every Filipino,” says Sambitan. “A great irony that the farmers who are tilling the soil and planting rice for food every Filipino, they are the one who have nothing to eat”.

According to Balucio, criticism and condemnation of butcher, puppet, corrupt and fascist regime is not enough. They must be prosecuted and punished because of brutal dispersal led to the massacre of farmers in Kidapawan City and its crimes against the Filipino people.

“Let’s use the period of the election campaign as our platform to condemn the ongoing cruelty and injustice in society today,” said Pastor San Andres. “The upcoming election day is one way to show our stand.” []

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