LP in Sorsogon for Chiz VP bid, Leni out

Sen. Chiz Escudero and Rep. Leni Robrero. Photo from Facebook
Sen. Chiz Escudero and Rep. Leni Robrero. Photo from Facebook

By BicolToday.com News Team

SORSOGON CITY – The “much-honored political alliance” between the Escudero and the Lee in Sorsogon is very strong enough to defy Malacañang wishes, political sources said.

The Liberal Party in Sorsogon will have a hard time supporting its official vice-presidential candidate Leni Robredo because of political alliances of Governor Raul Lee, father of Robert Lee Rodrigueza who is running as LP gubernatorial bet, and second district Congressman Deogracias ‘Ding’ Ramos to Senator Chiz Escudero though Robredo traces her roots to the vote-rich town of Bulan.

The observation was made public by an Escudero close confidant who does not wish to be identified.

The political plan is for Chiz to garner majority of the Sorsogon votes to prove that the alliance is as strong as ever, and at the same time, protect the lower rungs of local candidates.

“But, the bottom line is the preservation of the turfs of the Lee’s in the province, the Escudero’s in the first congressional district and Ramos to reign again in the second congressional district,” he added.

Lee-Escudero alliance; covenant of provincial power

It is a common knowledge in the province that the alliance with Lee started when Escudero III became assemblyman after serving as director of the Bureau of Animal Industry in the KBL- sponsored block voting.

Lee, then, was Sorsogon governor and Ramos was the mayor of Gubat town. The rest became political convenience, but was interrupted because of political free zones within the province, for there are protégés of Lee, Escudero, and Ramos contesting mayoralty positions.

Except for Ramos, Lee and Escudero fielded their next of kin to local positions.

It was Salvador III, father of Chiz who started the alliance with Lee after becoming assemblyman, and later on, twice appointed as agriculture secretary under dictator Ferdinand Marcos and President Fidel Ramos.

Between that time, Lee was not in political power because of Juan Frivaldo’s return to the governorship.

At present, the wife and son of Gov. Lee are in the Liberal Party, who are running for City Mayor and Governor respectively, while Ramos holds the Liberal Party line in the second congressional district, and both gravitate toward Chiz’ vice-presidential bid.

Mar-Chiz tandem in Sorsogon

Over media interview, Robert Lee-Rodrigueza, endorses the Roxas-Escudero tandem in Sorsogon province.

“Its Mar-Chiz tandem in Sorsogon” – Bobet Lee-Rodrigueza says over
media interview. (See related news link: Liberal Party in Sorsogon to dump Robredo, throws support to Chiz for vice-president ).

“Kagaya ng Camarines Sur, Grace Poe and Leni Robredo din sila”‘, Bobet Lee added.

Lee insinuated that there is a move for Grace – Leni tandem in Camarines Sur, junking Chiz.

Religious initiated Poe – Robredo tandem in Camarines Sur

A group has been organizing secretly a Grace-Leni tandem, but it is not a full-blown activity that may antagonize the present LP mix in Camarines Sur where the LP party apparatus is not fully organized, and it has forced itself to forge alliances and coalitions with other parties and influential politicians.

But, in Naga City, religious groups, identified with the Catholic bloc, are moving for a Grace-Leni tandem.

According to a knowledgeable source, the religious initiative for Grace-Leni tandem has the knowledge and nod of the diocese, but it has stop short from openly endorsing it.

The source said there is no open confirmation if the Church will adopt a full-blown Grace-Leni tandem nationwide, days before Election Day, and it cannot be verified such moves will be disseminated among the thousands of parishes.

Robredo has full knowledge of the formation of Grace-Leni sub-groups, which are initiatives of the religious. [BicolToday.com]


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