‘Did Leni Robredo receive P500M?’ – LP local bets grumble as money pipeline tight closed

Rep. Leni Robredo (3rd District, Camarines Sur), Photo from Leni Robredo facebook
Rep. Leni Robredo (3rd District, Camarines Sur), Photo from Leni Robredo facebook

CITY OF NAGA, Bicol Region – Several Liberal Party local bets in Camarines Sur have shifted party lines or entered into local coalitions after the provincial LP leadership directed by Leni Robredo has remained in limbo.

Several opted to support Grace Poe, rather than LP standard bearer Mar Roxas. Others have junked Leni Robredo for other vice president hopefuls.

The Liberal Party is in disarray. The blame is placed on Robredo.

Several LP local leaders want Robredo to shed light over the rumors that she allegedly received about P500 million as part of the deal to run as running mate of Roxas this coming May 9 election.

She has to explain before her party mates in her home province, Camarines Sur, if she was really handed the money for party use, or the money was for “personal lifetime insurance”, assuring her of comfortable life after retirement.

LP local candidates in Camarines Sur are already grumbling that the money pipeline from the party is still tightly closed, while other political parties have already opened their money pipeline just to lubricate the town party machineries to prepare the ground work for full-blast local election campaigns when the COMELEC ruled 45-day local campaign starts in full swing.

“We cannot move without the party funds, and the simple barangay assemblies among ward leaders involved expenses we cannot personally reimbursed for much longer time,” said a LP bet for town councilor who refuses to be named.

According to grapevine reports, which only Robredo can confirm or not, the vice-president hopeful received the fat largesse from Aquino and Roxas just to run as LP’s vice-president.

“For the sake of transparency and her personal integrity, Leni must divulge in public how much money she had received, and that she must pay the corresponding taxes, and report it to COMELEC,” another LP bet said, in disgust.

Rumors in Naga City, Robredo’s hometown, went the rounds that Leni is always accompanied by her entourage of close friends, mostly lady contractors in public works who are rumored to be the “bag women” on delicate matters such as release of campaign funds.

So far, no LP candidate has been seen publicly spending at the barangay level for organizing works as the local campaign period is fast approaching a month from now. [BicolToday.com]


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