Customer hits Oriental Hotel for bad service in Legazpi City

The Oriental Hotel, Legazpi. Photo courtesy of
The Oriental Hotel, Legazpi. Photo courtesy of

Dear Editors,

Hi I would like to share with everyone my horrible experience from THE ORIENTAL HOTEL LEGAZPI. This is my letter to the VP that expresses my utmost disgust with the kind of service they rendered us. Such a disgrace. I hope this won’t happen to any of you.
Greetings Mr. Lance!
(Vice President of ORIENTAL HOTELS)
I was prompted to write this letter to express my strong dissatisfaction with the way ORIENTAL HOTEL (the management and staff) handled our reservation and the way we were badly treated on December 18, 2015. Allow me to share what has transpired.
We arrived at roughly 1700 after a long and exhausting haul from Naga City to celebrate our Christmas party. Upon checking in at the front office, I was surprised that our reservation was not on file. Originally, it was booked on Dec. 12-13, 2015 but we had it modified on Dec 18-19 instead. My employee, “Arjin Sayson” was the one who made the modification online and she was certain that a confirmation appeared on the monitor screen. She was unable to keep the confirmation number for her records though. I must admit that at some point, I should lay the blame on her because she failed to jot it down and verify the modification from the hotel since we did not receive any e-mail. Even so, we were hoping that someone from the hotel staff would offer us a possible solution, resolve or fix the problem. But to our dismay, nobody seemed to care. Even the branch manager, Mr. Marlon Navarro gave us nothing more than an apathetic glance. We were about to leave the hotel until one of your clerks made a dreadful remark whick made us lose our temper! We deserved an immediate apology but no one did. She was yelling at the top of her voice and exchanging obnoxious comments to us. The GM did not even tame or reprove his clerk. It was supposed to be a fun christmas party but it turned out to be disastrous. To add more to that, we incurred additional costs to book for another hotel. We were fuming with anger as we left! 
Roughly two days after that horrendous incident, I received an e-mail from the ORIENTAL HOTEL via directwithhotels that is clearly stating that our reservation was cancelled and was declared “NO SHOW” on DEC. 19, consequently, my brother’s credit card was charged the total amount of the reservation. But the e-mail clearly proves that it was succesfully modified, otherwise, it should have been declared “NO SHOW” on DEC. 13. I immediately called Mr. Navarro to affirm such and also dispute the charges on our creditcard. He promised that he will deal with the matter asap. The day after that, I asked my employee to make a follow up call but Mr. Navarro was appallingly insolent towards her. I was inflamed to learn about it so I made the call myself and he did the same thing to me. Aside from not getting a satisfactory response, he unbelievably threatened me that he will secure a police blotter about the disturbance and that infuriated me even more and so the problem remains unresolved. This is the reason why I decided to escalate my letter to you. I wrote as I wish you to further probe on the following: 
First off, kindly determine who is accountable on the unrecognized modification, was it the system’s fault? Second, I am convinced that it was successfully modified because the date of cancellation that appeared on the system was on DEC. 19, therefore, I am likely eligible for a full refund. Third, your staff’s incompetence, insolence and misconduct deserve reproach. Apparently, these are enough grounds to have them terminated. This should not escape censure. I will also obtain the identity of the impudent front desk officer whom I mentioned earlier to have her denounced.
I believe this is not the way your hotel wishes to conduct business with your valued customers. Needless to say, I’ve been a loyal customer for quite some time now. In fact, as a travel agent, I’ve been your hotel’s business partner for years. I would appreciate if I could hear from you the soonest. And please let me know what action you propose to take. Thank you and more power!
Sincerely yours,


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