CamSur NPA owns killing 2 CAFGUs in Sangay, Balatan towns; justice for murdered Greenpeace advocate

Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) 47th founding anniversary. Photo by Edwin G. Espejo
Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) 47th founding anniversary. Photo by Edwin G. Espejo

By News Team

PILI, Camarines Sur, 19Jan2016 – The New People’s Army (NPA) rebels in Camarines Sur owned the killing of two (2) military assets in Sangay and Balatan towns.

In Sangay, the NPA shot dead a paramilitary man tagged as the murderer of an environment, anti-illegal trawl fishing advocate who was also a nursing mother.

A statement posted in the internet from the regional level NPA Romulo Jallores Command (RJC-NPA) said the Rinconada district Edmundo Jacob Command (EJC-NPA) implemented the death verdicts on William Versoza, 38 years old, in barangay Patitinan, Sangay, on January 14, 2016; and on military asset Bryan (Jaime) Rabino, 30 years old in barangay Sagrada, Balatan, on January 6, 2016.

The NPA statement said paramilitary CAFGU member William Versoza murdered environment NGO advocate and “bantay dagat” member Menchie Alpajora of Bangalon, Sangay.

Last August, 2015, several prestigious international environment NGOs such as World Wildlife Fund Philippines, Greenpeace Philippines, and attached groups strongly condemned the senseless killing of Alpajora on July 29, and the groups sent letters to various Philippine authorities for early solution of the murder and to apprehend the killer for justice. (See related news link: Environmental group seeks justice in death of Bicolana anti-illegal fishing activist)

Local authorities failed to arrest Versoza, but a police source, refusing to be named, said Versoza was being coddled by the San Pedro Army Detachment where he was assigned in Buhi, this province

Versoza had guided Army patrols and terrorizing local folks by firing his gun in the community and threatening people suspected as NPA sympathizers.

Ramona Caceres, identifying herself as NPA spokesperson, also denounced the spokesperson of 9th ID Philippine Army Major Virgilio Perez for denying Versoza as Cafgu member, who had said that “Versoza was already AWOL since December 10, 2015 and was automatically delisted from the roster of Citizens’ Armed Forces Geographical Unit (CAFGU) under the 22nd Infantry Battalion, PA.”

In Balatan, Rabino was shot dead by NPA operatives for serving as guide to Army patrols and posing as “NPA impostor” who extorted money from businessmen and fish catch from fishponds in the Rinconada district. (See related news item: Dancing man shot dead during village fiesta celebration in Balatan, CamSur )

The NPA said that Rabino was a former NPA member from 2004 until 2007, but he was disciplined and punished several times by the leadership for “actions in violation of proper conduct and regulations,”

When he was punished, Rabino joined the 22nd IB in 2006 and was assigned at Cabanbanan Army Detachment in Balatan, transferred to Panoypoyan Detachment in Bula, then to Nababarera, Baao, and finally to his last post in Inoyonan Detachment, before receiving the death penalty. []


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