Sorsogon City Councilor Aldin Ayo withdraws candidacy

Sorsogon City Councilor Aldin Ayo. Contributed Photo
Sorsogon City Councilor Aldin Ayo. Contributed Photo

By Felix ‘Boy’ Espineda and Angel Ayala

SORSOGON CITY, 10Dec2015 – The senior member of the Fifth City Council of Sorsogon City Aldin Ayo of the West District withdraws his Certificate of Candidacy for city councilor.

The move surprises his supporters and fellow council members of his sudden withdrawal which was submitted by his staff at the city COMELEC office today.

Ayo, in an exclusive interview with this online news, said that because of his family concern which he have not given much attention the last years, he have to attend to it most of his time.

“Continuing my bid for a council seat next year is no longer feasible,” he said.

He is also asking the understanding of his political supporters in the city, to his friends on his decision to withdraw the candidacy.

The councilor is an only child whose family is engaged in rice trading and divides his time as public servant, doing basketball clinic and coaching and in the family business.

“This is painful for me, setting aside temporarily my political plans. For very personal reason is what I can tell you,” said Ayo.

“But, I will assure you of my engagement in agriculture, social programs for the out- of- school youth in sports during this time as a private citizen. I am still with you,” Ayo said.

The councilor has been perceived to top once again the district seat in the coming election.

His popularity rose to new heights after his successful stint as Letran coach in the recently concluded 91st season of the NCAA. []


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