BU to give incentives to Nursing board exam topnotchers

Bicol University. Photo courtesy WowLegazpi.com
Bicol University. Photo courtesy WowLegazpi.com

LEGAZPI CITY, 25June2015 — The Bicol University’s (BU) College of Nursing is organizing a motorcade and testimonial party for Benedict Rey Montas Serrano, who placed No. 1 in the Nursing Licensure Examination (NLE) and other topnotchers and passers of the school.

Emerlinda E. Alcala, dean of the college, said that on July 9, in time for their 41st College Foundation Day, members of the college community will be roaming around the central areas of Legazpi City and Daraga town with the topnotchers and passers.

She said that in the usual anniversary celebration, they conduct motorcade only around the Albay district to the Bicol University Campus but this time they would like to go around a wider area.

“Since I entered in this college in 1988, this is the first time that we have had a Top 1, so this really calls for a big celebration and thanksgiving. We, with my 29 teaching staff members, are so thankful that they have given us very high honors, not only by passing but also by having very high passing percentage,” she said.

Alcala said their faculty and staff are more encouraged to teach their present students.

“They are very happy to continue teaching, this is a lifelong endeavor so what we have today may be passed on to the future generations,” she added.

In the May 2015 NLE, 102 of 106 examinees passed, with 96.23-percent passing rate, causing the university to be listed in the Top 5 Best Performing Nursing Schools based on the results.

Alcala said all the topnotchers will be given financial incentives and recognition based on the board resolution by the university.

As a former professor of Serrano in some subject areas, Alcala remembered him as a silent worker.

“He was really a silent worker. If you asked him, he participated but he was not the type of person who always raised his hands in the class. I always reminded him to maintain his good performance then,” he said.

The head of the college also pledged to help Serrano in finding a scholarship for medical school by asking the alumni to grant him.

Serrano said yesterday that he was hoping for a scholarship opportunity after topping the NLE. (PNA)


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