Nathan Allen eats his pie in Bulusan town

Nathan Allen, blogger and traveling tourist. Photo from his facebook account
Nathan Allen, blogger and traveling tourist. Photo from his facebook account

By Felix ‘Boy’ Espineda, Jr. 

BULUSAN, Sorsogon ( – The person in him taking a bigger than thou role in promoting tourism country wide took his own pie of pride in Bulusan town when he stayed at Crystal Spring owned by the family of Ruben Olayres which he jumped in paying his night stay together with his girlfriday after straight talking his experience in Donsol  that earned him a persona non grata distinction.

This information was relayed to after the netizens negative snorts of the persona non-grata action of the provincial board of Sorsogon against Nathan Allen unknowingly how the blogger lords himself in the hub of small town Bulusan. Allen as reported argued that it should be the local government unit of Bulusan who should settle his bills at Crystal Spring for his effort to promote the tourism industry of the town by blogging it is something compared to measly sum of his stay at the Olayres business.

The blogger was in the town last week of April.

Olayres feeling offended gave instruction to his staff to stay Allen until he settles his bill of more than a thousand pesos but a nephew took to the rescue of the foreigner leaving without paying his bills. Eventually while in Irosin town, Allen handed the payment to the spring owners nephew.

It was the bossiness of Allen which put him in a wrong footing while in Bulusan said Olayres. I inquired with LGU Bulusan if Allen is their visitor and in their account, I was given a big no, meaning on his own,

Allen went to Bulusan with a second fiasco. []

Editor’s Note: The Crystal Spring is owned by Ruben Olayres. His mobile number is 09399022394. Check Nathan Allen with him. 


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