81% think Sorsogon city officials benefitted financially in LKY terminals deal – online poll

The Sorsogon City Council Hall. BICOLTODAY.COM PHOTO
The Sorsogon City Council Hall. BICOLTODAY.COM PHOTO

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SORSOGON CITY – Most Sorsoganons, about 81.18% of survey respondents, think some city officials benefitted financially in the LKY deal forged with the City Government of Sorsogon in the construction and operation of the bus, van, jeepney and tricycle terminals during the term of Mayor Leovic Dioneda.

While about 18.82% of respondents think city officials did not benefit financially at all.

The online poll survey was launched by online news group, BicolToday.com.

The poll question: Do you believe Sorsogon City officials benefited financially from the deal withLKY in public transport terminals project during the term of mayor Dioneda?


The online poll has been running for fifty six days that started February 23, this year, and was closed Sunday, April 19, 2015.

Online Respondents

Respondents in the online survey are internet-literate, well-informed on current events, those who have plenty of time to browse the web and are connected in social media networks.

But, the online poll did not identify on how many Sorsoganons and non-Sorsoganons had responded in the online survey.

However, it is assumed that online respondents who took part in the poll are stakeholders in Sorsogon politics, governance, business and civil society.

Complaint lodged at Ombudsman

The “YES ” votes had maintained its lead over the “NO” votes after this online news reported about the complaint filed at the Ombudsman questioning the legality and integrity of the Memorandum of Agreement and Understanding (MOAU) forged by the City Government withLKY Development Corporation, and the subsequent approval by the City Council.

The agreement allegedly gave unwarranted benefits to LKY, which were disadvantageous to the City Government.

The possibility that lobby money had greased the passage of the MOAU approval at the City Council level, and at the Mayor’s Office cannot be ruled out, but lingering public suspicion has pointed to such lobbying had occurred.

According to reports, Wilbert Lee of LKY Development Corporation has deep friendship with Mayor Dioneda.

But, Lee and Dioneda did not admit publicly their “close friendship and mutual cooperation.”    [BicolToday.com]


Sorsogon Terminal. Photo courtesy of LKY Group
Sorsogon Terminal. Photo courtesy of LKY Group

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