Love Food Hate Waste App Gets a Makeover


The Love Food Hate Waste app has been given a rather welcomed makeover before the Christmas period. Ideal for this time of year, the well known app will help families track their purchases, plan for large meals, help with shopping itineraries and best of all give the user tips on how to make the most of excess food.

It has been reported by Love Food Hate Waste that there is approximately 7 million tonnes of waste food thrown out from UK homes alone per year.

If people utilized apps such as Love Food Hate Waste, this would not be such a problem.

A high proportion of said figure is said to occur during the winter months because of the regularity of family gatherings.

In the U.S. the problems is even worse according to End Hunger who report that 31% of food purchased by families goes to waste.

From the 7 million tonnes of waste food in the UK, it is said to cost the UK government around 12.6 billion per year not to mention all the environmental concerns you get from wasting food and drink.

Homes could save significant amounts each week by effectively repurposing waste food into delectable dishes – and that’s why the newly upgraded Love Food Hate Waste comes in.

The improved features include:

– Thousands of improved recipes
– Step-by-step instructions from leading industry experts
– Ingredient searches that allow you to utilize your waste food
– Portion planners to minimize waste
– Meal planners to help with recipes and leftovers
– My Kitchen: Store all your current food info in one place
– Shopping List: Keep all your needed ingredients in one list ready for your next shop

These are just some of the new and innovative features that Love Food Hate Waste has been improved with and definitely won’t be the last.

With the app market currently more competitive than it ever has, leading developers are constantly updating their apps to bring something new to the market.

Grilled fish and pork. BICOLTODAY.COM PHOTO
Grilled fish and pork. BICOLTODAY.COM PHOTO

The cooking niche of apps has also never been so aggressive with the world’s finest chefs now bringing to the market their own personalized apps in a bid to create revenues from a lucrative and trending market place.

Gaming Realms, a leading platform developer who launched PocketFruity back in 2012 reported that 17% of the world now own a smartphone, which means apps are more in demand and attainable than ever before.

Hence why app production currently stands at approximately 13,000 new apps per day hitting Google Play and the App Store.

But if you want to make the most of all your quota of food this Christmas and not waste large amounts, try outLove Food Hate Waste as it’s the ideal app to plan for those Christmas family gatherings. []


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