Dictatorial, despotic, anti-people Albay Power Energy Corporation (APEC)


Opinion: Dictatorial, despotic, anti-people Albay Power Electric Corporation (APEC)

By Ephraim de Vera

The Barangay Power Association (BAPA) of Tagaytay, Camalig, Albay was again disconnected by the illegal APEC yesterday despite the BAPA Members complaints about the wrong procedure of disconnection.

The APEC linemen said “order by the management”. It’s the second disconnection and this time APEC took with them the BAPA’s owned transformer.

The disconnection teams of the illegal APEC were composed of 7 vehicles accompanied yet again by their security bodyguard policemen.

Amid complaints, APEC is deaf and unreasonable and is becoming very inconsiderate that it disregards the ALECO’s policies and procedures.

This treatment is inhumane just to collect in any manner and project their absolute authority at the same time using sheer force.

The press release dated April 4, 2013 signed by Bishop Baylon states “…ownership of the Cooperative remains with its Member-Consumers…” But do we still enjoy the RIGHTS of being the owner?

It is very unfortunate that our police force is serving and protecting the illegitimate corporation APEC like a private army rather than the oppressed Member Consumers.

Where are the Clergymen who wrote that Open Letter (complaints), the political leaders and the Bishop and his sidekick who pushed this privatization and continuously protecting this APEC?

We then urge all Albayanos to assert our rights as the owner of the Cooperative and evict this arrogant APEC from our own ALECO.

Support our ALECO a non-profit, non-political and service oriented Cooperative.


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