Commuters to take legal action against MRT, LRT fare hikes

Metro Rail Transit (MRT) 3. Photo courtesy of UrbanRail.Net
Metro Rail Transit (MRT) 3. Photo courtesy of UrbanRail.Net

MANILA ( – The Train Riders Network (TREN) announced it is contemplating legal action against the DOTC over the surprise announcement of LRT, MRT fare hikes in the middle of the holiday season.

TREN spokesperson James Relativo said their group is now conferring with lawyers on the possible legal actions to take not just against the fare hike and but against those who irresponsibly gave their approval.

TREN views this fare hike as the Christmas and New Year gift of President Aquino and DOTC Secretary Jun Abaya to the incompetent MRT private owner and private contractor, and to the new LRT overlords who bagged the deal to take over the profitable, more-efficient and state-run LRT.

Relativo said the reason why hare hikes have been overwhelmingly opposed and always delayed is simple: They are unjustified. []


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