Danish Union of Journalists: Five years later. We have not forgotten.

Photo courtesy of Sonny Fernandez
Photo courtesy of Sonny Fernandez

Solidarity greetings to NUJP, to journalists and media people in the Philippines, from the FreelanceGroup of the Danish Union of Journalists.

Five years ago, one of the worst atrocities in the Filipino and international history of crimes against journalists was carried out.

To this day, the perpetrators of the Ampatuan Massacre, which claimed the lives of more than 30 media people, have still not been convicted.

Justice has not been served to the families, colleagues and friends of those who were brutally murdered in a conflict between political dynasties the province of Maguindanao.

On the contrary, the violence is ongoing. Dozens of journalists in the Philippines have been threatened, attacked and killed in the past five years while impunity continues to rule.

As we approach the 5th anniversary of the Maguindanao Massacre, we express our solidarity to the NUJP in your struggle to end impunity, and for the freedom of the press.

We have not forgotten November 23, 2009. A crime against any journalist is a crime against us all.

In solidarity, the Board of the FreelanceGroup of the Danish Union of Journalists.


Sus Falch, chairperson


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