G20 people’s summit in Brisbane, Australia to discuss PH anti-poor economic policies, disaster victims’ plight

Mud/mad walkers in today's rally in tacloban in time of the 1st year of yolanda. TEXT/PHOTO: PEOPLE SURGE
Mud/mad walkers in today’s rally in tacloban in time of the 1st year of yolanda. TEXT/PHOTO: PEOPLE SURGE

By Joey Natividad

CITY OF NAGA, Bicol Region, 8Nov2014 (BicolToday.com) –  After joining Saturday’s rally with thousands of Yolanda survivors in Tacloban City, the cause-oriented sector shall bring a Philippine situation report to a people’s summit in Brisbane, Australia.

Elmer Labog, with others, are set to bring the case of the Philippine disaster victims to Brisbane, Australia for the G20 People’s Summit on November 12-15, this year, online news Bicol Today.com learned yesterday.

Labog is chair of the International League of People’s Struggles- Philippine Chapter (ILPS-Philippines).

ILPS-Philippines will discuss the impact of the neoliberal policies of the G20 on the social and environmental condition of working people.

“The problem is capitalism’s drive for profit, exploiting the working peoples and resources of entire nations who are all the more poor because of private profit.  With monopoly capitalism, this has brought crises upon crises, including the environmental crisis threatening the very survival of the people and planet,” Labog said.

He cited the Haiyan local figures of 16 million people affected, 6,300 deaths, 4.1 million people displaced and 1.1 million houses damaged or destroyed.

“The specific vulnerabilities of the poor farmers, fisher-folk, coastal communities, and slum dwellers were brought about by very particular social and living conditions – in our case, by the domination of foreign monopoly capital over a domestic semi-feudal order and aggravated by bureaucrat-capitalism in government,” Labog added.

A Commission on Audit (COA) report in September found thousands of food packs, canned goods, bottled water, body bags and rice spoiled or unused; millions of pesos worth of goods and funds unaccounted for, and close to a billion pesos in funds still unused.

The Social Welfare department overstated the amount of family food packs it prepared in Manila by P33.3 million.

Supplies worth P58 million were spoiled or wasted.

At least 1,000 sacks of rice and 128,400 cans of sardines were missing and P58.8 million worth of rice could not be verified with purchase records.

P2.783 million worth of food packs and 100,000 goods were ruined.

Tent dwellers are still in tents, contrary to Social Welfare Secretary Dinky Soliman’s pledge.

The Public Works agency failed to use the P4.4-million cash donation, while P5.395 million worth of donated goods were not recorded.

The Health department did not remit to the National Treasury P13.2 million in unused donations, and it did not have agreements covering 93 percent of the P60.5 million total donations it received. [BicolToday.com]


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