Battered wife under state of fear; rejects Governor Tallado’s public apology

Camarines Norte  Governor Edgardo Tallado. Contributed Photo
Camarines Norte Governor Edgardo Tallado. Contributed Photo

By Joey Natividad

DAET, Camarines Norte – Still under state of fear, Josie Tallado moves from one house to another for her safety in Manila, despite the apology aired over media by her husband Camarines Norte Governor Egay Tallado, reports reached Thursday morning.

She said the Governor is very powerful, and she fears for her life, insinuating that having her killed by her husband is a probable option.

Josie pleaded with the Governor over media to respect the “barangay protection order” issued to her, but the skeptic public doubt if the governor will respect a legal order from a lowly barangay government.

Two weeks ago, she went into hiding after a life-threatening spat with the Governor over alleged sex video by the official with his mistress. (see related story).

The governor reported her as “missing”, triggering a regional police manhunt for her.

The besieged Governor’s wife has engaged the services of lawyer Lorna Kapunan for her safety after surfacing in Manila and later, interviewed by TV networks and various media outlets.

Two days ago, Governor Tallado publicly apologized for his misdeeds, but claiming the scandal was “instigated by his political opponents.”

Later, his counsel countered that the Governor did not admit any “wrong doing” during his public apology in connection with his duty and public position.

He pleaded to his opponents, addressing to no one in particular, not to post again sex photos allegedly linking him with his mistress.

He thinks there are other sex photos not yet posted at the web, and a copy of the sex video on the loose still haunts him. []


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