DOTC, Aquino admin ultimately responsible for MRT maintenance issues

Metro Rail Transit (MRT) 3. Photo courtesy of UrbanRail.Net
Metro Rail Transit (MRT) 3. Photo courtesy of UrbanRail.Net

MANILA, 1Oct2014 — Kabataan Rep. Terry Ridon said that the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) — and ultimately — the Aquino administration, are responsible for the current maintenance issues the MRT is facing.

During the plenary debates on the DOTC budget, it was revealed that the DOTC has failed to pay for the last seven months the maintenance contractor of the MRT, APT Global.

The DOTC said that the seven-month non-payment was due to the penalties that they had imposed on APT Global.

However, Ridon disputed this claim as the DOTC has even extended the APT Global contract for a few more months until a new bidding for the maintenance contract has commenced.

“Clearly, the DOTC could have adequately spent for the maintenance of the MRT but it did not. We must remember that the serious maintenance issues arose only in the last six months of its continuing non-payment of the maintenance contractor.”

Ridon said that by restricting the MRT’s maintenance cash flow, the DOTC was unreasonably putting the riding public in danger.

“The DOTC under the Aquino administration seems to be forcing the MRT to systematically bog down. If the coach doors remain open during transit, it is the ultimate responsibility of the DOTC and the current presidency.


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