Goa radio station manager threatened

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia. org
Photo courtesy of Wikipedia. org

By Joey Natividad

GOA, Camarines Sur, 27Sept2014 (BicolToday.com) — The station  manager of radio station of MUEWS Radio 105.5 FM  was threatened by  middle level official of LGU Goa, this province.

Initial report said, the official went to the radio station 9 a.m., Thursday looking for station manager Ricky Rebuya, and instead of finding him, the official chanced upon the building owner barangay kagawad Ligaya Zamudio and vented out his anger, swearing invectives and threats against Rebuya and the station, also saying that “media man DESERVED to be shot”, Kagawad Zamudio suffered trauma over the incident.

Rebuya said he and the kagawad are planning to file a formal complaint .

In the meantime, the name of the official is temporarily withheld pending filling of formal complaint.

As to the motive behind the acts of the official, Rebuya cannot remember any incident, saying the official was never mentioned in any news report. [BicolToday.com]


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