Netizens call to end Escuderos’ political dynasty in Sorsogon, Mayor Reyes gaining support

Mayor Dennis A. Sy-Reyes of Pilar, Sorsogon the would-be challenger to the Escudero's in first district.  BICOLTODAY.COM PHOTO
Mayor Dennis A. Sy-Reyes of Pilar, Sorsogon the would-be challenger to the Escudero’s in first district. BICOLTODAY.COM PHOTO

By Felix ‘Boy’ Espineda, Jr.

SORSOGON CITY, 22Sept2014 ( – Consensus of social media community to end the Escuderos grip on Sorsogon politics is gaining steam and trending over the week as netizens discussed good approval for Pilar Mayor Dennis Reyes as likeable contender to challenge Congresswoman Evelina Escudero in the first district in 2016.

The netizens over the week has spewed out various opinions, speculations, approval or disapproval about Mayor Reyes’ capability to challenge the Escuderos’ in the first district.

Reyes, occupying the center stage in the social media network, came about as reaction in this online news article that came out August 26. (See related article)

About 68,512 persons have read the said news article posted at the FaceBook page of

At the online news portal of, the news about Mayor Reyes got 3,327 “shares”at Facebook; 3,350 “share it” and 423 Facebook “likes”.

Varied opinions flooded the Reyes-Escudero net talk.

According to Joey S. Guevara, “sana naman labanan niya na Escudero. Bicol needs change. No more dynasty. Young and dynamic blood needed.”

Joey Orap Flores: ” Mayad ini para matapos na an dynasty san mga Escudero. Kulang na lang pati katabang magkandidato.”(This is good to end Escudero dynasty. If not, even their househelp maybe their next candidate)

“Monopoly of congressional seat sir, as stated in the article. Very true indeed, since i was a kid the congressional seat of Sorsogon has always been a throne of the Escuderos. Their dynasty must end this coming election”, Flores added.

Vener Dela Rosa: “Is there a development in Sorsogon with the Escudero’s? All those years..meron ba?”

Joselito Pascual Azucena: “magaling lang naman sa bunganga yang mga Escudero tingnana nyo si Chiz magaling sa salita kulang sa gawa mahilig sa kritisismo pero tago ang pagiging kurap at saka lumpen yan.”(The Escuderos are only good in words. Chiz is good in rhetoric less in action but good to criticize hiding his corrupt nature and a lumpen).

Danilo Intong: “May nagba-go ba sa 1st district dahil sa representative nito? Mas maganda na magbago. .”(Is there any change in the 1st district by its representative? Change is better.)

Baltazar Somar: “Province of Sorsogon is the best Province in Bicol in terms of foods, beauty of nature, sceneries, and people.”

“Unfortunately, we don’t have good leaders as tourist marketing managers, infra projects are not eagle-eye attractive compared to the remarkable infra projects that our neighbor province and cities in Bicol did. Developments, new approach in catering tourism business are hindered by ‘dynastism’ and shadow monarchy.”

“We need new leaders in the Province of Sorsogon even if it is productive or not, but the significant thing is change in style of leadership and, ultimately is the change itself and give others a chance.”

Mark Mortega Huevos: “Ipadagos Ta Ang Kurakot”.

Huevos was referring to ‘ITAK’ the development propaganda of the late Salvador Escudero III as representative of the district which was adopted by then Congressman Francis Escudero. Billboards and completed projects source from the controversial priority development assistance fund implemented in the 1st district during their incumbency carried the acronym ‘ITAK’

Usher Clint: “Wara man pang asenso ang 1st district dapat try Naman sa iba saday pako Escudero na wara man pag asenso.”(There’s no progress in the 1st district, we should try the others, I have grown up under the Escudero, progress is nowhere).

Reynato Aquino: “para matigil na ang pagpagawa ng tulay na mababa.”(So that to stop construction of bridges of  substandard quality)

Reyes also gains support from netizens, in these comments:

Juan Yuson commented that, “he (Mayor Dennis Reyes) is a good political leader and a very charismatic one reflective of a vigor leader who can supplement the expectations of his constituents.”

“We will support you Mayor should you decide to end the political dynasty of Escuredo for the best interest of our district”, Yosun also said

Hiram Servano: ”Teh Payt na klasmyt! Go manoy!”

Armando Barias: “Big Yes ako!”

Goldenboy Rabas Cun Rabas: “masoporta man ako taga 1st district din ako gogogogogo mayor Reyes for Congresman.”

Ester Lastrilla: “Young and vibrant c mayor Dennis ng Pilar. Taga 2nd district po ako, but I will vote him. Pahuway na muna mga Escudero. Garo wara man ako nahiling kundi Itak.”

Ismael LLorente: ”Magaling yan na mayor ng Pilar” (He’s superb as Pilar Mayor.)

Francisco Jr Gaudencio: ”that’s welcome news let’s try a new one”

Vener Dela Rosa: “If Sorsogon really needs is the time.”

A pro-Escudero said on the story published at online news.

Berting Buitizon: “With due respect please, this story is technically flawed, erroneous and illogical. 1. Mayor Reyes is popular only within his hometown being its mayor. Ask 1,000 random people here in Sorsogon City and other towns in the first district, you’re lucky enough if 10 know him. 2. If he is popular and a strong contender, then why would he need the endorsement of political groups just so he would have a fighting chance? The Escuderos do not have monopoly of power in the first district. How can a lone congressman be called a monopoly? There are 5 municipal mayors and 5 vice mayors, 1 city mayor and 1 city vice-mayor and about 70 councilors. 6. At best, this story is just a filler for the space of Bicol Today, or just so that Mr. Espenida would have something to file at the end of the day.. Hehe! PEACE!

According to source, Berting Buitizon is believed to be one of the Escudero’s spin masters using a pseudo name on Facebook.

Other comments on facebook page:

Dexter Laguerta: “mag kadto anay kamu sa pilar.tapos pag may nakita kamu na may nabag o.then saka kamu mag sormaton.”(Visit Pilar, if you notice change, then say it)

Arnel Samante: “Sa lahat po ng city sa region V ang Sorsogon City ang pina kulelat.” (Sorsogon is almost at the bottom among the cities in Region V)

Baltazar Somar: “Its not bcoz they are voted by the people but the question are they voted and won their post bcoz of money and rampant cultured vote buying?”

Glen Quirab Montanez: “Kasalanan nyo rin kc binoboto nyo.”(It’s your fault, you voted them.)

Realito Ferreras Bose: “ang lahat may karapatan mag kandidato at ang sinu man ay may katapatan mamili ng taong kanyang iboboto. bago tayo mag sisi ng iba. tanungin muna natin ang ating mga sarili? may nagagawa ka ba sa barangay mo na kahit man lang anung bagay na pweding makinabangan ng kabarangay mo.?”(Everyone has the right to be a candidate and the right to choose who to vote before we blame anyone. Ask ourselves, have we done anything good to our community?)

The comment of Realito Ferreras Bose is cautionary, he wrote; “para po sa lahat. ang escudero congressman po natin sa 1st district.ang lahat po na LGU sa 1st district ay may kanya kanyang mayor para gampanan ang kani kanilang tungkulin. kaya wag po tayong basta na lamang comment ng comment isipin po muna natin para saan ba ang comment mo.”(The Escudero is our congressman in the first district, all LGU’s has its mayor for them to act on their responsibilities, stop posting comments think who will benefit from it.)

Lyn Escudero Jetomo: “Maagang kampanya !!wehh hehe” (An early campaigning).

Meanwhile, Mayor Reyes has not yet issued any statement over reports that he is gaining wide support in case he runs for Congress in the first district.

Last August, he had earlier said that he is giving priority attention to his tasks as Mayor of Pilar, and running for a House seat is still an option for serious study.

But, another source said that Mayor Reyes had entertained the idea of running in 2016 after he was challenged by an Escudero political officer who offended his person.

Mayor Reyes is a long-term ally of the Escudero’s and, through his help, the Escudero’s have never suffered defeat in Reyes’ town during election. []


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