NGCP forecast: Power supply stable for Wednesday


ngcplogoMANILA, 3June2014 (PNA) — The power supply in the country for Wednesday is stable based on the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines’ (NGCP) forecast.

With reserves of 991 megawatts (MW) for Luzon, 32 MW for the Visayas and 17 MW for Mindanao, the country’s power capability is expected to normalize, the NGCP said.

The newest consumption demand for Luzon is at 8,596 MW, accompanied by an electrical capacity of 9,587 MW.

On the other hand, the Visayas grid has an expected power usage of 1,580 MW, sustained by a supply of 1,612 MW.

Moreover, Mindanao is projected to have a capacity of 1,347 MW, more than the expected power usage of 1,331 MW.

Earlier, the southern region’s power was seen to become stable due to the reopening of the Steag State Power Inc.’s 210-MW power plant.

Meanwhile, the NGCP also announced that customers of the Ifugao Electric Cooperative (IFELCO) and Nueva Viscaya Electric Cooperative (NUVELCO) would be experiencing power outages due to a maintenance shutdown in the Solano-Lagawe 69 kilovolts (kV) line segment on June 5.

The areas which would be affected by the shutdown in the Ifugao province are Banaue, Hingyon, Hungduan, Mayaoyao, Lamut, Lagawe, Kiangan and Asipulo. (PNA)


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