Sorsogon Rompeolas: ‘Pasyaran san City’


By Felix ‘Boy’ Espineda, Jr.

SORSGON CITY,30April2014 ( It has a new image and it is well deserved.

The once decrepit scene of rusty lamp post, gutted roadway, litter of garbage are now gone in the almost kilometer strip of Sorsogon Pier better known as Rompeolas except few tidying of informal settlers and “baluko” traders dotting the entrance way. This new image underscore the “heart and soul” so to speak to make the city an attractive destination for local and foreign tourist who wants to have the experience of a culture distinctively Sorsoganon.

Now, a baywalk greets a visitor where families can enjoy a relaxing afternoon or an early morning walk. The gloom of the past becomes the gleeful sigh of appreciation for unwritten rules are observed by promenader’s to poster a friendly place for everyone. They pride that the place is for everyone to enjoy.

It was impossible before to hold a significant event at the pier, this time, concert, film showing, group meetings, practice presentations are common. It not only created a new “in place” but afforded micro vending to earn more than usual. It is now earning praises.

Once a hub of traders activity town folks flock to the pier every time a cargo vessel docks to unload and load cargoes forgetting policy planners of its potentials. It was a misery that the past generations were not able to enjoy fully the beauty within the place.


The now generation does not need wads of peso bills to enjoy the place, much to the like of courting couples that spend a serene atmosphere of private moments in its newest attraction, kayaking. We now see families, couples, group of friends having a grand time doing a “selfie” or if you are a photo enthusiast, plenty of moments to capture your pictorials.
It is now the “Pasyaran san City”.

Church goers took time to stroll after service, babies in strollers though less of comprehension find attraction to Rompeolas, middle age couples reminisce their younger days when the place is as dark as the moonless night. “Askals” (asong kalye) of informal settlers are gone, beer joints along the strip were kick-out, police officers are on duty, adequate and clean rest rooms removed for good its tag as the “longest toilet.”

The breakwater of layered stone created a sort of lagoon. It is now the paddling ground for those to enjoy kayaking.

Talking to city planners, the vacated place of informal settlers and “baluko” vendors will rise affordable space for local businesses. It will be another come-on where today estimates that more than a thousand visitors visit took time to stroll at Rompeolas.

The city open a hub of relaxation, if gave the locals an alternative to its beaches, Rompeolas. []


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