Names of Top 10 graduates of PMA Class of 2014 released

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MANILA, March 11 (PNA) — The Philippine Military Academy (PMA) has released the names of the “Top 10” graduates of the PMA Class of 2014 Tuesday.

These cadets and their 213 comrades will be graduating this coming March 16.

Getting the No. 1 spot is Cadet First Class Jheorge Millena Llona, 22.

He will be joining the Air Force and will be awarded the following merits:

-Presidential Saber -Philippine Air Force Saber -Academic Group Award -Management Plaque -Air Force Professional Courses Plaque -JUSMAG Award -General Antonio Luna Award -Australian Defense Best Overall Performance Award.

Llona is a native of Maopi, Daraga, Albay.

While at No. 2 is Cadet First Class Liza Jumawid Dango, 25.

She is a resident of Cagayan De Oro City and will be joining Army upon graduation.

Dango will be presented the following awards:

-Vice Presidential Saber -Philippine Army Saber -Humanities Plaque -Australian Defense Best Overall Performance Award.

At No. 3 is Cadet First Class Billy Casibi Codiam, 25.

He will also be joining the Army.

Codiam is a native of Kalinga and will be awarded the following:

-Secretary of National Defense Saber -Social Sciences Plaque -Spanish Armed Forces Saber.

At No. 4 is Cadet First Class Leo Mac Callueng Tuliao, 21.

He will be joining the Air Force and is native of Cagayan.

At No. 5 is Cadet First Class Noel De Venecia Raguindin

The 24 Raguindin will be joining the Navy shortly after his graduation from the PMA.

He is a native of Pangasinan and will awarded the following:

-Philippine Navy Saber -Tactics Group Award

At No. 6 is Cadet First Class Carlito Christopher Pajarillo Agustin, 21

He also will be joining the Army.

Agustin is a native of Tuguegarao City.

At No. 7 is Cadet First Class Frank J. Anzale, 25.

He will be entering the Army upon graduation.

Anzale will be receiving the Natural Sciences Plaque.

At No. 8 is Cadet First Class King Kristian Dennis Marca Argoso.

The 22-year-old Argoso will be joining the Air Force.

He is a native of Gumaca, Quezon.

At No. 9 Cadet First Class Greg Philip Lesmoras Monsalud. He will be also joining the Navy.

The 24-year-old Cagayan De Oro Native will be receiving Navy Professional Courses Plaque.

While at No. 10 is Cadet First Class Alvin Kantala Balangcod, who will be also joining the Army.

The 21-year-old Benguet native will be receiving the Army Professional Courses Plaque upon graduation. (PNA)


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