Accused Muhlach Supporters Cry: Where is ‘bossing’ Aga Muhlach?

Actor Aga Muhlach. Photo courtesy
Actor Aga Muhlach. Photo courtesy

By Joey Natividad

TIGAON, Camarines Sur, 04Oct2013 ( – “Where is ‘bossing’ Aga Muhlach?”

Rabid fans and followers of Aga Muhlach, the showbiz personality who ran for Congress in Camarines Sur 4th District and lost, have been clamoring for his presence after several of them shall be charged for illegal detention once the provincial prosecutor, after preliminary investigation, finds probable cause.

His supporters, who are subject of complaint for serious illegal detention and violation of Article 267 of the revised penal code, felt they were abandoned by Aga as they are already suffering in mental anguish, while the actor might be enjoying himself at Boracay, or shooting TV programs.

Fifty (50) of Muhlach’s supporters are named respondents in a complaint filed by Tigaon Mayor Arnie Fuentebella and 15 others arising from a violent incident at Tigaon municipal compound where unidentified Muhlach’s supporters, three (3) days after the May 13 election, resorted into violence and threw rocks at the building where the Comelec office is housed. (See related article)

The complainants alleged that out of fear they were trapped inside the building that was surrounded by the unruly crowd.

Most respondents are poor, and are worried that they cannot afford to post bail, which may reach up to PhP200 thousand.

“We were convinced by our ward leaders to rally behind Aga for a vigil as the Comelec canvassing of ballots was very tense that time, when Aga was already winning by few hundred votes, and then the votes of his opponent, Wimpy Fuentebella, suddenly surged ahead,” said an Aga supporter who refused to be named.

Two days after the election, the votes turn-out in Tigaon was crucial since both candidates were contesting a few hundred votes difference to attain victory. That day, the votes from the other district towns were already canvassed. Tigaon is the bastion of the Fuentebellas.

Other informants on Friday (September 27) told that Aga’s supporters rallied behind the actor during the canvassing of ballots right after Election Day, and that they had sacrificed so much to stay on vigil until that fateful, tragic night of May 16 when some persons, among the crowd of few hundreds, resorted to violence and threw rocks into the building.

“Where is Aga? Who will help us once we face the court?,” said a respondent, an indigent, who fears the cost involved in a court case.

A relative of another accused told that the respondents are divided into two categories: the “Haves”, and the “Have- Nots”.

The ‘Haves” are affluent respondents, mostly local politicians, who can afford to pay for their own court case expenses, including the capacity to post bail. While the “Have-Nots” are those respondents who are poor and cannot even afford to post their own bail.

“Our forecast is that the “Haves” will save their own necks, and leave the “Have-Nots” rot in jail,” said a Fuentebella supporter who refused to be named. “We are sure their politician-bosses will abandon the ‘Have-Nots’”. []


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