ABS-CBN Bicol explanation on use BicolToday.com photo



ABS-CBN Bicol News already talked to photojournalist Angel Ayala based in Sorsogon after his query/comment regarding the use of the picture he claims to have taken of Santa. Magdalena, Sorsogon Mayor Alejandro Gamos. We have already asked for an apology for not informing him beforehand that his picture will be used in the 25 September 2013 episode of TV Patrol Bicol. ABS-CBN Bicol News does not have its own file video or picture of Mayor Gamos. Reporter Erick Baldo who was assigned on the story resorted to online search of the Mayor’s picture and found one on Google. Mr. Baldo however failed to note Google’s disclaimer that the pictures resulting from the search could be copyrighted. He also did not have the idea that the picture in question was of Mr. Ayala and was already published in the online version of local tabloid, BicolToday.com.

ABS-CBN Bicol News does not have the intention of owning the picture. Its sole intention is to provide the viewers who Mayor Gamos is. At the time the newsteam went to Santa Magdalena, Mayor Gamos was not around. The team was not even allowed to enter the premises of the municipal hall due to the escalating tension between him and Vice Mayor Jocelyn Gallanosa brought about by the Ombudsman’s dismissal order to the Mayor.

ABS-CBN Bicol News is set to make an on-air rectification of the same over its flagship program TV Patrol Bicol soonest, at the same time will ensure stricter and unwavering adherence to the very basic of journalism standards.


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