Sorsogon rebels claim repulsing army advances

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SORSOGON CITY, 24Sept2013 ( – Despite the use of helicopter gunships in combat offensives by the Philippine Army, the rebel New People’s Army (NPA) in this province scoffed off the week-long military campaign by claiming successes in thwarting the offensive.

The NPA Celso Minguez Command (CMC) here claimed killing 2 soldiers on Saturday, September 21, by command-detonated landmine while Army troops were maneuvering to attack the rebel position in Dolos village, Bulan town.

On that same day, another rebel team lobbed a hand grenade at an advancing Army platoon. In Magallanes town, 4 Army troopers died when a hand grenade exploded that was thrown by rebels during an operation in Lapinig village.

The next day, Sunday, another firefight broke out in Calmayon village, the area where helicopter strafing was reported by civilians that day. The NPA said there was no casualty on their side.

CMC said, in a statement , the Philippine Army had launched “battalion-size” operations since September 15 in the internal villages of Juban, Bulan, and Magallanes towns since September 15.

The rebel group said the military offensives are aimed to score points for their year-end accomplishment reports in the state counter-insurgency program. []



  1. What we really need today is not arm resolution but a genuine and consistent dialogue. We have to sit in to listen, to advance our quest for common good, and just to respect our differences. We have to be honest as to accept the fact that in war we gain nothing but a continuous poverty and creation of the culture of impunity and death. At the end, we are all filipinos… we belong to the same race we are proud to bear. We have that same vision of living in peace, prosperity and communal sharing. I am more convinced that as our world today experiences so much changes – with the affects of global warming, of universal conflicts, and of domestic financial crisis, the more that we should think and act together for the common good. Its not yet too late to come to realize deeply the value of fraternal dialogue, of sincere “bayanihan” and of mutual respect for each other. After all, in the eyes of God, we are all brothers and sisters irregardless of our differences and conflicting ideologies.


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