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Felix ‘Boy’ Espineda, Jr.

The passage of Sorsogon City Sanggunian Resolution No. 166 can be as noble as its intention but can be a bargaining chip for the members of the 5th city council. The Resolution citing provisions of RA 8806, the Cityhood Law that Oceania Sur Gaming Corporation Small Town Lottery operation did not secure an authority from the council to operate the on-line game. The same with the provisions of RA 7160, the Local Government Code provides the same authority to the Sanggunian Panlungsod.

The on-line game of PCSO thru Resolution No. 464 of December 2005 effected the approval of the rules and regulations governing the conduct of STL in select pilot areas in Luzon. “The comprehensive review of the STL is being undertaken for the purpose of putting in place all the necessary features to make its operations as transparent, honest and credible as the lotto.

This proviso becomes a subject among local legislative bodies for safety nets as to actual collections are not track by PCSO, the LGU failed to assign checkers of integrity so that shares in actual amount be remitted to its treasury.

The PCSO website numerated in percentage the sharing of the STL charity fund; “revenues accruing to STL will be divided as follows: city or municipality, 10 percent; provincial government, 5 percent; congressional district, 2.5 percent; and PNP, 5 percent. To effectively decentralize the use of charity funds, the proceeds of STL will directly reach the local government units. It will go to the municipal treasurer’s office. PCSO executed memorandum of agreements (MOAs) with local government units on how to disburse the funds given to them via STL. The remaining 7.5 percent of the charity fund will go to PCSO.”

Document received by that for 2011 Oceania Sur Gaming Corporation remitted Php 2,614,306.41 to the city, for 2012 its remittance is Php 3,081,312.81 and the for the first 6 months of 2013 it was Php 1,511,494.90. The figure does not reflect the collection from April 2010 until December of same year. – (See more at:

Going back to the City Council Resolution No. 166 of July 26, 2013, it stated that fundamental requirements are necessary such that Oceania Sur Gaming Corporation operator of Sorsogon Small Town Lottery that before entry, secure an authority from the Sanggunian Panlungsod, and after the authority is secured, the location is subject ot such rules and regulation that the Sanggunian shall determine. It also directed the city Philippine National Police Office, the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group and the National Bureau of Investigation and other law enforcement agencies to cause the immediate stoppage of the conduct of STL in the City of Sorsogon. Indeed the intention is noble.

Dissecting the Resolution there was a missing link. Why it did not task the city chief executive for the immediate stoppage of the STL operation? She has the power to do it, for what reason why she is the missing link? What I’ve heard is that some of the city council members are trying to up their grade in the sharing?

How true that a forty thousand (P40,000.00) a month can be the cure of the malignancy even if the operation will end by October this year. Is the amount retroactive to July? If true this is misleading the public of the intention of Resolution No. 166. In their corridors, the presumption that no less than one hundred thousand a day should be the city share, that’s 3 million per month. If all is true then around seven hundred thousand (P700,000.00) will not reach the city coffers summing up the forty thousand values for the council members if the transaction is true. Another question who is the bag man for the council members and the STL-Oceana Sur Gaming Corporation conduit to them? So many questions needing answer and the silence becomes deafening almost two months. Will the real McCoy stand up please.

The Resolution prompted the OSGC to file a restraining order with the Court here and notwithstanding the directive of the Resolution, The Regional Police Office No.5 issued a Memorandum instructing its Provincial Director that Rule 21 of the Police Operational Procedure should be adhered strictly. It also categorical in saying that “any stoppage and closure of Oceania must be directly and principally taken by employees of the LGU concerned, the PNP only to act subordinately as peace officers to maintain peace and order while the closure is being undertaken”.

But the most inherent question: Is the operation of the Small Town Lottery operated by Oceana Sur Gaming Corporation being undertaken for the purpose of putting in place all the necessary features to make its operations as transparent, honest and credible as the lotto? Are the council members intends to pursue this line? Your answer is as good as mine.



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