PDEA-Bicol warns public on poppy-seed containing food


PDEA-LogoLEGAZPI CITY, 21Sept2013 (PNA) – The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency Bicol regional office has warned Bicolanos on food and culinary products that contain poppy seeds, particularly banned Kraft food dressing and dip products containing poppy seed.

This, after the PDEA recently received an email advisory from the Food and Drug Administration.

PDEA Bicol Regional Director Archie A. Grande reminded the Bicolanos of the Joint PDEA/FDA Advisory on poppy seeds issued in February 2011, ordering all establishments to immediately stop the importation, sale, trading, administration, dispensation, distribution, delivery and transportation of poppy seeds and all other products containing poppy seed.

Grande said that pursuant to RA 9165 otherwise known as the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002, importation, sale, trading, administration, dispensation, delivery, dispensation, distribution and transportation of dangerous drugs regardless of the quantity or purity involved, are prohibited — including any or all species of “Opium Poppy,” or any part and substances therefrom, even for floral, decorative or culinary purposes.

Opium poppy, he said, contains substances that can cause psycho-active effects and is addictive because it has traces of morphine, codeine and others such as heroin.

The PDEA Bicol chief said all poppy seeds containing food and culinary products are banned from entering the Philippine market because of the tendency for them to be abused.

The PDEA and the FDA then ordered that all supermarkets and groceries pull out from their shelves the said products and immediately inform the FDA via telephone no. (02) 857-1900 and email info@fda.gov.ph and report@fda.gov.ph.

Grande also advised all Bicolano consumers in possession of the mentioned Kraft products to discontinue their use and immediately surrender these to the nearest PDEA or FDA office, or in the Center for Health Development regional office in the Department of Health regional office.

He further encouraged all local government units to assist FDA inspectors in monitoring and reporting of activities related to the sale, movement and importation of products containing poppy seeds. (PNA)


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