3 PDAF-funded road opening projects worth P108-M lie wasted

Daraga, Albay. Photo courtesy Wikipedia.org
Daraga, Albay. Photo courtesy Wikipedia.org

LEGAZPI CITY, 19Sept2013 (PNA) – Three road opening projects that would connect a barangay of this city to the three villages in the neighboring Daraga town and with a total cost of P108.9 million implemented in 2008 using the Priority Development Assistance Fund have gone to waste.

The three road projects are now deteriorating due to non-maintenance by the concerned local government units, Danilo Dequito, Dept. of Public Works Bicol regional director, said over the week.

Dequito identified these PDAF-funded projects under the Various Infrastructure Local Road Project as the Mariawa-Namantao road costing P37.8 million; Mariawa-Anislag road, P28.4 million; and the Mariawa-Mayon road project.

He said the project involved the opening of 4.3 kilometers of gravel road and 1.097 kilometers of concrete road aimed at linking Barangay Mariawa in this city to the villages of Namantao, Anislag and Mayon in Daraga town.

Dequito would not say from whose PDAF came the project funding but he identified the contractors of the three road opening projects as Hi-Tone Construction owned by Christopher Co and Sunwest Construction owned by Elizaldy Co.

He said the 20-meter project was completed based on the approved program of work in 2009 with some additional concreting works.

Dequito lamented that the road has been deteriorating because the local government units of Legazpi and Daraga, to which the project was turned over, were not able to maintain it for lack of funds.

Legazpi City Mayor Noel Rosal confirmed that due to lack of consultation with the LGUs, the maintenance of the road project turned over to them cannot be funded immediately due other priority projects they implement.

Rosal discouraged Dequito on implementation of future road opening projects where the LGU will find difficulty in getting funds for their maintenance and improvement.

He said that if there are similar infra projects intended to be turned over to the LGU, the national government should set aside maintenance fund for that project.

Dequito justified that the project project would be a vital alternate road network that would link Legazpi City to the Southern Luzon International Airport in Barangay Alobo, Daraga, about 12 kilometers from this city. (PNA)


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