4 rogue MNLF leaders spotted in Zamboanga City stand-off


MANILA, 11Sept2013 (PNA) – With the military and rogue members of the Moro National Liberation Front in the second day of its stand-off, the military said they have spotted and identified four leaders of the group in Zamboanga City.

These men are Commander Ugong, Commander Ustadz Asamin Hussein, Commander Habier Malik and Commander Ismael Dasta.

Ugong is pocketed in Barangay Talon-Talon with 30 MNLF fighters and 20 hostages.

While Hussein is holed in Sitio Salinas with 18 men.

And Malik and unknown leader, is in Barangay Sta. Barbara, is believed to be with 80 to 90 MNLF fighters and 20 hostages.

While his companion is with 30 fighters and 87 hostages.

And Dasta is with 80 MNLF fighters and 36 hostages in Barangay Sta. Catalina.

And with the stand-off still ongoing, the Office of Civil Defense Region 9 announced that around 2,172 families or around 10,736 individuals were evacuated due to Zamboanga City crisis. (PNA)


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