Santiago says system makes people ‘sick’

Sen. Miriam Santiago
Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago

By Azer Parrocha

MANILA, 5Sept2013 (PNA) – Though still ailing from acute chronic fatigue, Sen. Miriam Santiago Wednesday appeared at the Senate to preside over a hearing, although she confirmed she would not be attending the regular session.

Santiago presided over the hearing of the Commission on Appointments Committee on Foreign Affairs and also stayed a while to answer questions from media men on the pork scam and solons allegedly involved in it.

As a joke, she advised solons allegedly involved to “eat blood and die”, adding that it might be better if the whole congress was abolished.

She quipped that being at home and reading or watching the news on anything related to the pork barrel scam made her want to request for a vial of poison or a piece of rope to take away her own life.

“We should all wear our Filipino robes, bow in front of TV and hara-kiri ourselves,” Santiago said.

Hara-kiri is a traditional Japanese form of suicide ritually performed to secure one’s sense of honor.

“The whole (legislative) system is just so bad that’s why people get sick. I think this is the country with the most sick population in the whole world,” she said.

“We are really, really sick. We’re morally sick, we’re mentally sick. The higher the position, the higher their mental sickness,” she added.

Speaking of being “sick,” Santiago also said that she could not attend regular Senate sessions because one of her doctors suggested that it was perhaps her working environment responsible for her chronic fatigue.

“(Imagine) how many tablets of painkillers I have to take just to stay there,” Santiago said.

“If I have to take three tablets of painkillers just to go to a session, it’s no longer worth it.” (PNA)


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