CA justice linked to pork barrel scam wants NBI to verify his signatures


MANILA, 1Sept2013 (PNA) – Court of Appeals Associate Justice Danton Q. Bueser on Sunday said he will ask the National Bureau of Investigation to probe the authenticity of his supposed signatures in the documents linking him to the pork barrel scam when he was still a lawmaker.

In a statement, Bueser categorically denied he had allocated P9.6 million to the Philippine Environment and Economic Development Association and P9.8 million to the Aaron Foundation Philippines.

Based on the Commission on Audit special audit on congressional pork barrel releases from 2007 to 2009, it was reported Bueser had endorsements to the aforementioned organizations when he was still a congressman of Laguna.

“I will ask the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) to investigate the authenticity of the documents and the signatures appearing thereon because to the best of my knowledge I have not made any endorsements to these organizations, much less transacted business with these entities,” he said.

Bueser believes his signatures were forged when he saw samples of the pork barrel endorsements to the two organizations.

“I am very much willing to cooperate with the authorities because I strongly believe my signatures were forged,” he added.

Aaron and PEEDA are the two NGOs included in the 82 NGOs which received pork barrel funds.

However, the COA report discovered it was dubious although they are not linked to the corporations of businesswoman Janet Lim Napoles.

Napoles is the alleged “brains” behind the P10-billion pork barrel scam and the P900-million Malampaya fund scam.

Bueser, who was appointed as CA justice in 2009, said it is a fact that he is a member of the two divisions of the CA on which the cases of Napoles are pending and now he is inhibiting himself from these cases.

He admitted he was a member of the CA Special 2nd Division which empowered the Anti-Money Laundering Council for the examination of the 430 bank accounts of Napoles, family members, cohorts and corporations involved in the pork barrel scam.

He is also a member of the CA 4th Division which did not issue a temporary restraining order for Napoles on her petition for certiorari praying to stop the Makati City RTC arrest warrant.

The arrest order against Napoles and her brother Reynald “Jojo” Lim was for the case of serious illegal detention allegedly committed on Benhur Luy, the whistle blower in the pork barrel scam.

“While it is true that I am a member of the Court of Appeals Divisions on the cases involving Janet Lim Napoles and records would show that our rulings are not favorable to her, to cast any doubt and speculations in the mind of the public which could affect the dignity of the court and my credibility as a magistrate, I am recusing myself from handling these cases,” Bueser stressed. (PNA)


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