Why surrender to PNoy?

Atty. Harry Roque
Atty. Harry Roque

Joint Statement of the Center for International Law (Centerlaw) and Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM) on Napoles surrender to PNoy

The Center for International Law and Concerned Citizens Movement express their concern that the President’s decision to allow Napoles to surrender to him, while legal, may have been unwise.

Certainly, Napoles could have surrendered herself to any SPO1 or to the nearest police station. She did not have to surrender to the President himself. The fact that the President allowed her to surrender to him may send a message that administrative allies may be spared from the ongoing investigation of irregularities on the spending of the PDAF.

“People expect Napoles to sing. The fact that she surrendered to the President may be viewed by the people as a signal that she will only implicate those in the opposition,” said Prof. Harry L. Roque, Chair of Centerlaw and co-convenor of Concerned Citizens Movement.

Roque stated that the investigation into the pork barrel should include everyone most especially those in the administration. Roque further added, “The kind of abuses that were committed by Napoles could only have been done by those in the political majority. Everyone involved should be investigated regardless of their political affiliation.”

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