Naga folks urge netizens to join mass action on Aug. 26 against ‘pork barrel’


NAGA CITY, 24Aug2013 (PNA) – Unleashing the power of social media, Nagueños are urging netizens in the Facebook to join the mass movement for the abolition of pork barrel.

The movement, initiated by young alumni of the Ateneo de Naga University composed of university professor Vic Nierva, JanRev Davila, Allan Rey Camata and Bernice Paita, is asking the social media followers to converge at the Plaza Rizal here to express their indignation on the massive misuse of government funds that could have been used for the people’s benefits.

The organizers dubbed the planned mass action as “Halion na an (Abolish Now) Pork Barrel Naga March.”

Davila said the conversation started with a post of Nierva in Bicol that said, “Can we also have a multi-sectoral indignation rally here in Naga simultaneous with the planned protest in Manila on August 26?”

It was posted on Aug. 17 and then a group chat dubbed as “Naga Voice” was started.

On Aug. 19, the call for “Abolish Now the Pork Barrel March” was firmed up.

“The goal is for every individual to go to Plaza Rizal. It is open to any call supporting the investigation of the scam, the prosecution of persons involved and the abolition of the pork barrel,” Davila shared.

At present, he said, the group has a total membership of 67 in two days’ time with several progressive groups, expressing their intention to participate.

Davila said individuals from different sectors – mostly youth, young professionals and from the academe – have signified their intention to join the march of Aug. 26.



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