Death toll in Cebu ferry sinking now 80


MANILA, 23Aug2013 (PNA) – The number of dead in the sinking of the M/V St. Thomas Aquinas 1 has now climbed up to 80, the Philippine Navy announced on Friday.

Lt. Cmdr. Gregory Fabic, Navy spokesperson, said this figure is broken down into 73 passengers, four crew members and three body parts whom forensic experts from the Dept. of Health who deduced these came from the passengers of the ill-fated ship.

The body parts consist of a right arm, right and left leg were all picked up off the coast off Cordova town and Lapu-Lapu City last Aug. 20.

With this development, the number of missing persons is placed at 40.

Fabic added that the five bodies recovered off Cordova town early Friday morning is not yet added to the official number of the dead. (PNA)


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