Solon calls for Truth Commission on pork barrel scam


abolish-pork-barrelMANILA, 17Aug2013 – “Disgusting, absolutely disgusting.”

This was the statement of Kabataan Party-List Rep. Terry Ridon, a neophyte minority solon who earlier called for the abolition of the pork barrel system and an investigation by Congress of the pork barrel scam.

“Since Malacanang and both Houses of Congress appear more interested in staying its investigative hands on the entire pork barrel scam, the public should now form its own Truth Commission to fully expose the extent and depth of corruption in government, similar to the multisectoral commission instituted during the time of Mrs. Arroyo.”

Ridon said that a similar Truth Commission were instituted by the public during the height of calls for the resignation of Mrs. Arroyo on the basis of electoral fraud, corruption and human rights violations.

“Since no one in government wants to lead the fight, the public itself should now undertake its sovereign duty to investigate and allow the truth to come forward.”




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