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SCWD-Logo2By Felix ‘Boy’ Espineda, Jr.

SORSOGON CITY,16August2013 ( – Because of low production associated with climate change the more than four thousand consumers of Sorsogon City Water District experience water rationing, as disclosed by Maeflor Jumamil communication officer of the water utility firm in an interview with

Affected are villages in Barangay Bibinchan which on specific time water supply is now on rationing basis. Prtior to the rationing affected consumers were informed but inspite of the advance notice, consumers the complaint desk of the SCWD received a lot of complaints.

Jumamil revealed that the engineering department formulated the rationing scheme in consideration of the affected areas, residential, commercial or institutional zones in this part of the city experienced water shortage. Residential places lines are open from nine in the evening until two in the morning while mixed areas of commercial, institutional and part residential receive longer hours of water supply since this are the places were schools, commercial establishment are situated.

 She said that management is negotiation with the Casiguran Water District because of their  big volume of excess in their water resources, it is almost in the signing stage except that of the minute details. If the agreement pushes through the eastern consumers of the city will have an almost normal water supply.

When asked if it their option to privatize, the water district is not considering the option since they are most concern with the added burden that will be pass-on to the consumers if it materialized. “It will be of great advantage to the consumer if privatize because the new player will have an autonomy in increasing the per cubic meter rate to its consumers.

The water district is still contending with the below performance of its pumping station at Barangay Macabog and upgrading the facility because of sand pump-out damaging their equipment which will took two days to repair.

The engineering department said Jumamil submitted recommendation which the board acted considerably because the welfare of consumers is hould never be sacrifice was how she eleaborated.

The Sorsogon City Water District is the second lowest water district in Bicolandia in terms of per cubic meter charges to its consumers though they have to contend with the repair and rehabilitation of common primary lines which needs repair.

They are now looking for alternative sources of water to tap resulting in their on-going bulk water project tapping surface water which will ease the supply rationing. Presently, Rangas river in Bacon district is being eyed as one of the sources, upgrade of water reservoir at Mataclan2, Anahaw and Anilao rivers but the low rainfall the past months could hardly supply totally the needs of its consumers.

Appealing to its consumers, Jumamil said that best practices should be applied by households, commercial establishment and institutional areas. They are not however into an expansion of its service connection because of budget constraint. She explained that villages which were turn-over to the district have dis-array connection forcing them to rehabilitate and expand water lines connection, the upgrade eat up their funds. []


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