Sorsogon City Mayor Lee serve closure and stoppage of operation of buko juice plant


By Felix ‘Boy’ Espineda, Jr.

SORSOGON CITY, 08Aug2013 ( – If there is still a doubt of the political will of Sorsogon City Mayor Sally Lee the serving of the closure and stoppage order of Peter and Paul Philippines Corporation (PPPC) operating a buko juice plant in Barangay Cabid-an here at 5:04 this afternoon may have sealed her detractors mouth for good.

The city mayor accompanied by City Administrator Cesar Balmaceda effected the closure when PPPC plant operations manager received the letter notifying them that by the close of its operation for the day, all operational system of the plant should stop. Conspicously absent is Quirino Panganiban the plant manager who was on sick leave.

Lee’s action was anticipated by the community after she assured them that any conclusive resolution of the city council will be acted immediately, a challenged she posed which the council responded through Resolution No.  171 series of 2013. The inherited problem has all the drama of a political wait and see but the city mayor was unperturbed that environment is not a bargain for a corporate investor.

Peter and Paul Philippines Corporation may have all the legal aces but nature came calling was how Father Michael Imperial sum-up the woes of the corporation leading to its temporary closure. The voices of dissent prevailed over a corporate greed were the words of local environmentalist.

Atty. Cesar Balmaceda, Sorsogon City Administrator (center)  serve the Cease and Desist Order (CDO) to Peter and Paul Philippines Corporation (PPPC) while Mayor Sally Lee and  provincial administrator Robert Rodrigueza looks on. BICOLTODAY.COM PHOTO
Atty. Cesar Balmaceda, Sorsogon City Administrator (center) serve the Cease and Desist Order (CDO) to Peter and Paul Philippines Corporation (PPPC) while Mayor Sally Lee and provincial administrator Robert Rodrigueza looks on. BICOLTODAY.COM PHOTO

The letter of stoppage and closure discloses 14 violative acts of the corporation, four city ordinances were violated and five Republic Acts relagated and five Presidential Decrees ignored.

The tenor of the temporary closure and stoppage order of City Mayor Lee after finding ample proof of violations and neglects of the buko juice plant was “to immediately stop its operation until such time that it is able to operationalize its waste water treatment facility in accordance with existing DENR effluents standard   and until it secured the required Wastewater Discharge Permit and Permit to Operated from EMB V, building and business permit from the City Government of Sorsogon.” []


  1. Good Morning Boy,

    I would just like to say hello through this comment.

    While we welcome investors to propel economic development in our community, investors with good standing are those who follow the rule of law.

    The inability of a big corporation to secure the required permits and licenses ,then just automatically build and operate a plant in a cloud of mystery is a very glaring manifesttion of a gross violation of the national, local laws and policies.

    Even a small child will know if someone enters their home or premises without his parents knowing will cry, “Tresspasers! Help !!”

    For some members of the previous Sanggunian Panglungsod who might say they don’t know the issue should also be held accountable for the wrong that has been done. Some of them are still members of the council now.

    They say, it’s better to be stupid and be silent than say , “We don’t know it”. OMG! How can honorables have such courage to lie more!!

    Huh , and so funny that a local chief executive can practice absolute power. It’s so good to be true. Are we still in the times of kings and lordship? Na kung ano and sabi ng hari di mababali?

    The real issue here Boy, is not just the environmental concern that seemed as the wake up call for those affected to cry, What a “foul odor indeed!”

    All these should have not been an issue now if all things were done in the manner of transparency and accountabibily which Pinoy always stresses as his government’s battlecry, the Daang matuwid.

    Well, the issues here Boy, are the results of a lot of violations committed. First, is the social acceptability rule which is conducted through public consultation. Another is the environmental classification of such plant to be constructed, the water and river systems to be affected if there are any and the immediate community that might be affected by such project.One thing more very important is the requirement for an Environmental Guarantee Fund (EGF)that is required and stipulated in the issuance of an Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC), if the project falls under high environmental impact projects. I can still elaborate more but I guess, we really both know what were grossly violated, Boy.

    For peole who were elected to an office required to implement the law and for other technical people working in government to assist in the implementation of such laws, I believe these are the real issues, people who should implement the law did circumvent it.

    And for a corporation too, who seemed so brazen not to respect the law ? Well they say it always takes two to tango.

    And so Boy, what’s next? Warm regards to you my friend.


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