P-Noy must not wash hands over ALECO mess

Albay Power Shortage. Courtesy of Al Baleda
Albay Power Shortage. Courtesy of Al Baleda

LEGAZPI CITY, 02Aug2013 – “We should review the legislative franchise of the National Grid Corporation and force the complaining power producers to get a legislative franchise if these corporations will insist on making the Albay public suffer for the mismanagement of ALECO.”

This was the statementof Kabataan Rep. Terry Ridon as he lamented that the contractual squabble of the power generation, transmission and distribution entities in Albay are causing Albay residents and businesses undue suffering and losses.

“The blackout clearly shows that power generation companies are in fact public utilities which ultimately require a legislative franchise despite the statutory declaration in the EPIRA Law.”

Ridon said the President cannot abandon the Albay public as they are the ones suffering the most in this blackout, over and above the supposed losses of the power generation companies.

“The fields lie fallow, the resorts cannot operate, and our kids cannot do their homework in the dark. This is the real state of Albay during the blackout and the President cannot simply look idly by.”

Ridon said he will file a resolution in Congress reviewing the legislative franchise of the National Grid Corporation, and another resolution urging all power generation utilities to secure a legislative franchise before continuing operations.


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