Irony of Ironies

Barangay officials of the municipalities of Juban and Irosin visits Tiwi Geothermal. PHOTO BY BICOLTODAY.COM

By Mon Ramirez

Albay produces a huge amount of electricity and sends out most of them to Luzon.

But since noon yesterday, power to the people of Albay has been cut off. And so hundreds of thousands of homes, schools, hospitals, offices, buildings are back to the dark ages.

And we have this news on views of Jericho Petilla, Secretary of the Department of Energy and Chair of the PEMC which ordered the Albay Blackout:
Petilla defended the move to cut off Albay’s power, saying this must be done to prevent the debts from ballooning.

Asked how long will the power interruption will last, Petilla said he doesn’t know.

Petilla said President Aquino has known about the disconnection as early as two weeks ago but there was no instruction to stop it.

To the residents of Albay, Petilla has this message: “The entire Aleco is owned by everybody, kung may isang kriminal na di nagbabayad at di mo sinumbong o pinansin, madadamay ka.”



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