Albay is Groping in the Dark Tonight


By Engr. Virgilio S. Perdigon, Jr.

We are the geothermal energy capital of the Philippines. We produce more electricity than we need. But tonight, Albay is the darkest province in the whole country. The minions of the dark, the architects of liberalization, advocates of unbridled free enterprise, and the schemers of privatization must be grinning with infernal delight as the ordinary Albayano prepares his family dinner.

This is inexplicably unjust. The ordinary consumer paid his monthly electric bill but he is suffering from the deed of NGCP, PEMC and NEA.

This is absurd. Albay gave the Luzon grid P103 billion worth of electricity. On account of some P974 million debt to PEMC, Albay does not benefit from its own geothermal energy.

This is an act of terrorism. The terrorist inflicts pain on the innocent to gain some leverage against it opponent. This is just what NGCP, PEMC and NEA have done – depriving those who religiously pay their bills in order to twist the arm of ALECO to succumb to PSP.

This is an act of economic sabotage – a crime whose penalty is death or life sentence. Albay holds 48% of Bicol’s economy. Every hour without electricity causes the loss of millions of pesos in unaccomplished production, distribution, consumption, exportation and importation.

This is Albay tonight. We are informing the world through what is left of our batteries. In a few moments we too will fall silent. We ask the reader of our message to support us in this struggle. We will not go down quietly. We will vent our rage even in the midst of this dark and rain soaked night!

– – – –
Engr. Virgilio S. Perdigon, Jr. – Professor, Aquinas University; Spokesperson – Save Rapu-Rapu Alliance and member of ALECO Multi Sectoral Stakeholders Organization (AMSS).
[30July2013, Legazpi City]


  1. More Distress, More Pain,More Poverty,More Sickness,

    Again the people of Bicol suffer another day and night with no power.
    I have spent a lot of my time in Bicol and i have seen for myself the hardship that many live in and they still have it in there heart to smile and on the outside they look happy but on the inside when people keep stamping them into the ground ,causing then immense pain and suffering then i say it is enough !!! Can someone tell me if your local mayor’s or councils are doing anything to fight for the rights to have lower power based on the facts that the Mayon volcano supplies so much power.

    If they are not fighting against the Government to have this then they should be removed and replaced with people who are willing and able to fight for there rights so the people of Bicol can start to live normal lives and use there hard earned money for schooling there children and living a normal life.



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