Geo-power abundant Albay powerless after electric coop fails to settle P56 million debts


ALECO-cartoonLEGAZPI CITY, 30July2013 (PNA) – The National Grid Corp. of the Philippines cut off power supply to the heavily indebted Albay Electric Cooperative at exactly noon Tuesday for Aleco’s failure to settle its bills for June amounting to P56 million, sending the whole province of Albay into darkness.

Hazel Morallos, Aleco spokesperson, said a disconnection notice was sent by the NGCP last week on orders of the Philippine Electric Market Corp., which the electric cooperative owes millions in current bills.

Morallos said the power disconnection will continue indefinitely unless Aleco will settle its current bills with the PEMC the soonest possible time.

The provincewide blackout is now affecting some 160,000 households in the province and has angered the business community, saying the power blackout would carry additional burden on their business operation.

Meanwhile, the cash-strapped Aleco has summoned its three Area Service Center managers and asked them to submit a list of 100 power consumers who have unsettled accounts for immediate collection of their unpaid bills to raise more funds to pay PEMC.

Morallos said the PEMC had asked Aleco to submit the names of 300 heavy load users that have failed to settle their outstanding accounts with the electric cooperative up to now.

The list should have notation as to whether these consumers have been disconnected already or not yet. (PNA)


  1. I think it is pathetic that in one hand the people of Bicol are suffering because of poverty yet the powers to be PEMC decide that they should be punished more ,what is wrong with your company?,the people you should be talking to are Aleco and help them in management rather than punishing 160,000 people.Surely that would be a better way of dealing with this. Floods ,Disasters,what else do you want the people to suffer with.

    It is obvious to me that PEMC are a large multi million profit organisation making plenty of money from the poor ,where is your heart PEMC,take action yes but take it out on Aleco,it is there fault they have not managed the company properly and in this day and age more help in management rather than punishment to the public would be a more humane way of dealing with this problem.

  2. The problem is simply due to the inability of the ALECO to pay its bills to the electric wholesalers in The Imperial Manila (TIM), w/c always increase the prices year in, year out. Energy independence from TIM is the only way out but it will take anywhere from 3 to 7 years. This is a lesson that SORECO I & II have to learn, as both are also losing money.


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